Updated: LTTE X-Ray base location area, Google Earth image

Update: 25th Feb 2008: Close up image

Vibe sent an URL with a close of image of the X base area. Jungle paths are marked out.

Original Post

Since I lack the pin point accuracy of our air force, it seems that my post with the Google Earth images showing the general area of LTTE’s “X-Ray” base was off by a few kilometres. Thankfully tinker galloped to the rescue and corrections were made.

The updated image is posted below based (not a pun really) on his info – which makes more sense.

General area of LTTE

Prabhakaran was upset by the errors in the original post. Particularly about a wrongly labelled location marker on Google Earth. I guess what matters is that the air force is more accurate than I am 😉

Defencenet also has an post on the air raid’s aftermath.


One thought on “Updated: LTTE X-Ray base location area, Google Earth image

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