Colombo cowboy

One moment I’m peacefully pecking a blog post on my Palm Pilot on a weekend morning. A coffee steaming at the elbow. The next I’m called to chase a stray herd of cows from eating our garbage bag.

I had put it out the trash/garbage/rubbish for collection few minutes before as the refuse truck had made an appearance. Now this herd that I’ve never seen in the area before (or since) had materialised.

I rush down to the street to find the dumb animals are patiently lined up eat the bag. Humans would never be able to queue up like that. Each cow takes a munch at the black plastic. Luckily they don’t have fangs. The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) truck is wheezing its way up our lane but with the cows attacking the bag it might not make it in time.

So I have to wave my paws and make LOUD shooing noises. I keep doing this until the animal attacking the bag gives me a baleful exasperated stare and plods on (with hardly a moo), the bag forgotten. Then the next cow steps forward and the whole drama repeats itself – SIX times! To think people eat these stupid animals!

The neighbours thinks its high fun. They won’t be laughing when they have a dead cow with a plastic bag stuck in its guts rotting at their door steps. Plastic bags kill cows. Even in India where they are considered sacred.

Finally, the last cow plods away (leaving a business card of dung). The show is over. Thankfully the bag (though lathered with cow saliva) is unharmed . The CMC truck puffs to a halt and the orange vested crew professionally whisks away the bag I so gallantly defended at great cost to my dignity. Its back to the PDA and a cold morning coffee for me.

I still have no idea about who’s responsible for these cow. Or if they are part of Colombo’s wild life. Unlike stray dogs these cows are clearly not localised – at least in our area. I haven’t heard of plastic bags killing cows here. Most likely the animals were trying to eat the garbage/rubbish instead of the bag.

I’m trying not to laugh at the whole incident but that is not easy. There is clearly moo to Colombo life than claymores and traffic jams.

Sorry I tried to resist adding that dumb (moo) pun but failed. Anyway you are at the end of the post and still alive so no harm done.


9 thoughts on “Colombo cowboy

  1. Wondering around colombo eh??
    Maybe they had Mad-Cow disease!!!
    You may have caught it! any neurological symptoms? muscle problems? delirious?

    Just kidding you only catch it by eating infected meat! And we don’t yet have the disease in SL yet!


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