SMS services suspended 6am-noon 4th Feb 2008: true or hoax?

Got this suspicious SMS from a 1111 number:

“We regret to inform Subscribers that SMS Services on all Mobile Operators will not be Available from 6am to 12noon on 4th Feb ’08.”

Not sure if the security establishment is getting paranoid or if this is a prank. Nothing on the site or the

Its almost 1 in the morning and I’m barely awake to check further. Guess I’ll find out in 5hours. If that annoucnement is true, then its independence from the tyranny of SMS 😉

Have a safe independence day.


9 thoughts on “SMS services suspended 6am-noon 4th Feb 2008: true or hoax?

  1. Got the same messege at 12:34am from number 1111.

    Maybe the calls on cell phones at sensitive sites can be disablled locally using jammers but SMS’s can not- so they take down the SMS servers?


  2. I am on dialog – and i (and the rest of my family) got the message. I switched on my mobitel connection, but didn’t get a message like that. However, the mobitel connection was switched off – so perhaps i didn’t get it because of that.


  3. I got no messages from ma operator. but SMS was down n silly me thought it was one of ma ramblings which caused this :))
    (maybe the service went down before they inform me LOL)


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