Sri Lankan Music video update

After reading a comment by Dili on my earlier post on an authentic Sri Lankan rock’n roll sound, I found more music videos by the group “Daddy”. Particularly their “Borukari” song. Keep an ear out for their great blending of the rock’ roll sound with Sinhala lyrics. Can’t wait till the “SMS” video comes out 🙂

For those interested in some background, Lakbimanews (Yes THAT content stealing Lakbimanews) has an article on the people behind “Daddy”‘s high quality music videos. Worth the read. For those craving for more, Sri Lankan tube has a heap of “Daddy” videos. Quite a few are the “making of” videos. Just search on Sri Lankan Tube . com for “Daddy”


4 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Music video update

  1. I like different genres of Sri Lankan music — but I’m leaning towards hip hop and rap right now — because of a few new hip hop artists I noticed Bathiya and Santhush, a great music duo, and also Delon — they were all together in his We Strugglin Video . It’s a great song that talks about human struggle in Sri Lanka. Check them out on Sri Lankan Tube too.


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