Muhamalai FDL (Forward Defence Lines) Google Earth image

Muhamalai along with Narga Kovil, are the only land front lines in the Jaffna peninsula. It is strategically important to both sides as the only land route (The A9 highway) to Jaffna passes through Muhamalai. As a result this area is the scene of frequent military operations. More info on this Defencenet post.

The LTTE controlled areas are in the lower right side of the image. The Sri Lankan government controlled areas are on the upper left. The LTTE end of the Muhamalai entry/exit point is visible on the lower left hand corner side.

Longshot of the Muhamalai FDL (Forward Defence Lines) on Google Earth

Detail image – LTTE Muhamalai Forward Defence Lines (FDL)

Detail Muhamalai area FDL (Forward Defence Lines)

Compound within LTTE controlled area near Muhamalai

No idea what this “compund” is about but it is south of the FDL. Since I lack further data I’m not going to suggest it is LTTE operations centre ;). Most of the LTTE controlled areas at the time these images were taken (2003-2005) don’t have many prominent features.
Compound inside LTTE controlled area south of Muhamalai Forward Defence Lines (FDLs)

Muhamalai FDL (Forward Defence Lines) Google Earth image (Sri Lankan Government controlled area)

Muhamalai FDL (Forward Defence Lines) on Google Earth

Muhamalai forward defence line Sri Lankan government controlled side

Muhamalai Sri Lankan government controled side
In contrast to the LTTE side, this area has quite a bit of infrastructure and an intricate road network. Zoom around on Google Earth and you’ll spot lost of vehicles and buildings.


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