You just read this and now its too late

As you can see you are still reading. Staring at these letters on the screen in front of you. Don’t glance away just yet. Of course you could but then you’ll never find out what the next sentences will say. So here you still are, despite all your powers to go with a scroll or a click. Take a moment to look VERY CAREFULLY to your left. Don’t worry I’ll wait. Take a GOOD look.

Did you see it? YOU know YOU did. I KNOW YOU DID (if you looked very carefully). YOU know you are not blind (unless you are reading this via a screen reader). I hope it didn’t scare you. But now you know its there. Its always been there. You just didn’t know all this time did you? But of course you did. The stuff that you see to your left is always there. Mainly because its to the left of you. But also because you or others caused those things to end up there – to your left – at this very moment. All those swirling electrons humming madly to your left. Unless you turn around.

Then all of that stuff is to your right. But why get bogged down with all this mind numbing complexities?

Now turn around VERY CAREFULLY and look behind you.

What do you see? (the comment box is below)

Perhaps not the loonyess of being unable to peck out even one of the screaming blog post in the head. Accept this one.


8 thoughts on “You just read this and now its too late

  1. I think you should go and check what has really LEFT you!! Something is surely missing. Did you have a fall or hit your bum on something hard!!

    Take care my friend you are to valuable as a person to have this kind of problem.


  2. Dili and Johann πŸ˜€ not to worry πŸ˜‰ I was just having some fun pounding out a post. All the other ones I have in mind require a bit more research than I have the time for which is a bit frustrating.

    Nice to know you guys care though πŸ˜€


  3. lol…that exact same post on some random dodgy blog would’ve been SO unsettling πŸ˜€ since its on yours, im just wondering what you were on, hope it was a good trip πŸ˜€


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