Bob Marley taxi Colombo Sri Lanka

Vehicle graphics in Sri Lanka are a buffet of cross cultural symbolism. Yet I doubt if the symbols are used with full knowledge of the symbol’s global significance. Some of the symbolism is far removed from Asia left along Sri Lanka. Particularly Regge/Rastafari imagery. Perhaps Reggeish imagery was popular in Sri Lanka at some time in the past. Java Jones is the only guru for Rasta related Sri Lanka stuff who could answer this.

This blurry image below was taken at night on the day I first started spotting the Bob Marley/Regge/ Rastafari imagery on Colombo’s 3 wheeler (“trishaw”) taxis.

Bob Marly taxi

The image below has very clear image of Marley puffing on a bong. I doubt if drug issues were what they were thinking when they put in on the taxi 🙂

Besides that, this three wheeler is a beauty. Check out the detailing. The double stripe itself is quite rare – not to mention the “flame” detailing, the spoiler, the strange blue curved bar, and the hi tech looking mirror.
Bob Marley Trishaw

The images in this posts post was meant to go online on the date of Marley’s birthday (Feb 6th). But events and other posts over took me. Better late than never.

Peace and thanks to him who gave us the music.


6 thoughts on “Bob Marley taxi Colombo Sri Lanka

  1. Sorry to disappoint Cerno ma maan, but I ain’t hardly a guru on dat sheet. Jus be diggin dose ritchuals wit all dat smoke an sheet – an Jah seemed like a good way out. But we do dig Marley an his boys too!


  2. Java: Well you are the closest I can think of that get to being Rasta on the SL blogosphere 😉

    Dili 😀 Didn’t think of that – but just to be clear – this blog is strictly non smoking 😉


  3. Damian Marley is carrying on where his father left off. He is truly a lyricist unlike his siblings. It’s sad that music in Lanka is restricted to either rock, house or bubble gum pop/hip hop. I tried desperately when I spun in Lanka to get more people into Reggae and Dancehall but all I got was empty dance floors and crooked stares!


  4. Yes Damian is carring on were his Father left off… I heard of a documentation of the legendary Bob Marley by Martin Scorsese, sounds great to me, I can’t wait to see this… Bob Marley was a great inspiration to many artist all over the world… I think his performance in Zimbabwe is still the greatest of all times… Check out the song “Tear-ra” by Ian Mantis Hillman one of Zimbabwes top artists inspired by Bob Marley…. for more details check or


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