Getting rid of bodies as anvils fall from the sky

My family has a tradition of getting rid of bodies very quickly. By the time any kind of public announcement is made the ashes are already scattered in some river somewhere. Usually at a place specified in a detailed letter left by the departed. The only thing missing are the GPS coordinates. My grandparents were quite adamant about the lack of ceremony. So both my parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and humble self know the drill.

Its all rather matter a fact. Particularly after a long illness you finally get that phone call you knew would come any day. The only tension was over the call to the crematorium to check if it was open.

There is a sense of relief that the suffering is over for both the diseased and the family. Which of course is only mentioned in passing. Now the focus is on moving on and the alms givings to follow.

And to think this is just a sub event in the current process of life altering decision making that is going on the last few days. Hence the anvils falling from the sky imagery. The details are too personal to blog about even if I had the time.

Time’s a blur and my regular routine is belly up. Particularity when it comes to doing my daily rounds in the blogosphere. So this post is one of those “why I haven’t been around” posts that every blogger makes. Perhaps out of a fear that the venerable readership might think that the blog is in decline.

Officially its not 😉

I do miss my regular does of kottu but that will have to wait until the waves subside. At the odd free moment I whip out the PDA and peck out a few words of a slow growing post.  Which is a pleasant way to deal with waiting and a relief to know that I got something to say however esoteric.

Life oozes on farts and all…. Hope ya’lls had a good weekend.


6 thoughts on “Getting rid of bodies as anvils fall from the sky

  1. My sympathies… to you and the family.. hope things fall back in track.. Was this one of relatives who was featured in your hospital posts?

    As you say the only consolation is no more suffering.. atleast in this life.. and life goes on… TC Mate!


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