Untapped lucrative photography market

Sri Lankan weddings have an untapped lucrative niche market for photographers that remains untapped. To understand my point, you’ll need a bit of context.

Marriage proposal photographs sent by parents – irrespective of who you are dating – is a part of most south Asian adulthood. Thanks to the internet, fleeing to another continent won’t help. A majority of the women in these photos are shown kited up in sari at a some formal function. Majority of the time its at a wedding. Yet the photos are amateurish – snapped off after the poor woman has be pressured to pose by a relative. Chances are its the mother.

As I’ve mentioned before, Sri Lankan wedding are essentially massive networking sessions – meat markets to flog the breeding stock to put it crudely. There are plenty of desperate mothers and aunties evaluating the breeding stock. They make a captive market to sell the idea of “glamour shot” photography of their daughters – veiled thinly enough not to conceal the proposal photographs factor.

The infrastructure is already there – the wedding photography rig, the decor of a multi star hotel. Everyone is already decked out. The girl are less likely to feel self conscious if its not their mother who is bossing them to submit to the harsh flash of a point and shoot. For less formal shots, a powerful zoom that can handle low light can capture the relaxed smiles – better than the forced demureness that comes across as cornered looking.

Of course wedding photography, though a lucrative business, is also a viciously competitive one. The “main” wedding photographer many not like the prospect of some one else getting in the way of the primary action (the wedding) to photograph the guests. Particularly when some wedding photographers control the wedding procedures as it was a film set, barking orders at the couple and everyone else. Anyone making use of this opportunity will have to negotiate an unobtrusive arrangement with wedding photographer.

In case you are getting peeved, women still get the double standard irrespective of their achievements. A classic example is when they encounter their old high school teachers. All these matronly ladies ask is weather their former students have married and reproduced. These teachers are shocked, if not dismayed if the woman concerned is unmarried. Ironic given the anti boyfriend obsession of girls’ schools.

Clearly the I’ve veered off topic so I’ll stop. The topic of previous paragraph deserves a post of it own – if not a blog.


11 thoughts on “Untapped lucrative photography market

  1. Cerno you are true.. You know my brothers’ wedding Photography and Video along was over 1 lack.. God dam money for one day.. And anybody know Studio2000 has weddings all month… What an earning !.. But I hate the point where they try to control the wedding procedure to their own.. Come on.. Thats a unique day you will never have again. And would you like to be dominated by a Photographer.. he he.. lol


  2. I dont know anything about the wedding market, but id most certainly love for some expansion on the last para. Rings a few bells with the whole “wolf” scenario



  3. niro: Totally agree with you. When the Mrs and I got married we insisted that the photographer has to take photos without interfering with the wedding. Same with the video. Worked out quite well. All the photos were relaxed/informal.

    Dili:??? 😐 Not sure what you mean there. Sounds like its something confidential πŸ˜‰


    1. Good point – sort of like mobile phone apps πŸ™‚ But I bet there’s a way if its marketed as some form of competitive advantage ie an “everyone is doing it secretly” rumor… πŸ˜‰


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