10+ year web-site

Since at least 1997 the Air sickness bag museum has posed the question: what does air sickness bag graphics says something about a country’s identity? The site has let visitors democratically decide for themselves with clearly scanned images of airsickness bags sent in from people all over the world.

The web-site itself is a 20th century classic – extensive use of frames and bright BRIGHT colours. I still remember stumbling across it way back in 1999. My favourite bag (and the curator’s) still remains the Finnaviation bag – a classic worth the mouse click. Air Lanka is also in there along with Sri Lankan (incorrectly listed as “Air Lankan“). Anyone whose been brave enough to fly Mihin air please send this site scan on an unused bag – unless of course Mihin air has skimped on such things or all their bags get used 😉 …

Clearly the site has its drawbacks – the frame driven site structure for one. The other the late 20th century layout. But lets not nitpick

5 thoughts on “10+ year web-site

  1. “Unused air sickness bag from Mihin air?”… might be a little hard to find my friend! You’ve gotta be sick to fly in that tin can.


  2. Steve: My pleasure 😀 Never heard of Mahan air till now. Interestingly its banned from flying into Europe 🙂

    Paul: Thank you for the link. The Mihin bag is indeed dull. But the corruption associated with that airline is enough to cause some serious throwing up. thankfully (or not) we in Sri Lanka can stomach quite bit of corruption 😉

    Kamal: I agree with you 🙂 Never will fly it, but it would be interesting to hear from someone who has.


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