Military bases Google Earth:Mystery aircraft, Ampara air-base Sri Lanka

Ampara Air Force Base tarmac

Spotted this bird on the tarmac of the Ampara air-base when flying around on Google Earth ;). Can’t be sure if its a single or twin engine aircraft. It COULD be one of those Sri Lankan Airlines air taxies. I thought Ampara air base was a military only field but seems I was wrong.

The Ministry of Defence has a weird section on their site about free flights for civilians on air force planes. You got to see it to believe it. The bird picture above might be one of those birds. Any reader whose flown to Ampara could shed some interesting light.


12 thoughts on “Military bases Google Earth:Mystery aircraft, Ampara air-base Sri Lanka

  1. Daya Liyanage, an innovative businessman, uses his private plane to travel to Ampara where he has a lot of business. This is probably his plane. He is entering politics, I think. A person worth watching.


  2. its a twin engine Harbin Y-12 of the SLAF. its box shaped STOL wings are a dead giveaway!
    normely SLAF has a Y-12 operating out of (not based) Ampara air field to support Para trooper training for the Army Commando and SF. since these pix are takend during 2004/5/6 , this perticuler Y-12 must have been there to support the Commandos earn thier ‘wings’.
    even resently there was a passing out of 100 odd Para qualified Commandos in Ganemulla , with Chief of Maldives Defence Force as the chief guest .
    he was there cause there were a group of 20+ Maldivian DF officers and other ranks (must be members of a elite formation of MDF -not sure the details of such units) who got para qualified for the first time and they were all trained in Ampara, including para stuff.
    i read about this in the papers, though not sure about the dates, think late Feb or early March.
    Mr.Daya Gamage is into politics, but more than that he is a proud son of Ampara , and a friend to many small and medium scale buissnessmen there.
    that i got to know from my old work mates in Ampara.
    great post Cerno.thanks for this.


  3. I’m with Tinker on this one mate ! It looks like the Harbin Y-12 used by the Para’s at Ampa. Nice Shot ! I think SLA has abt. 6 left !


  4. sevenpics I doubt you’ll have to worry about getting addicted to real time Google Earth data – its very unlikely that will happen for free – even if its technologically possible.


  5. niro: ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t worry no live pics/ Just still images taken around 2006 or so. Not sure what colour your Aston Martin is but you can see Colombo traffic in all its glory ๐Ÿ˜‰


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