Generating blog traffic without kottu posts

Not been blogging for nearly a week but still getting traffic. Almost all of the traffic is not from Kottu. Quite a few are traffic from Google searches and tags. Search terms that locate me tend to swirl around “ltte”, (“x-ray base sri lanka” come up often), “sri lanka sex” (almost entirely due to that Dilly’s post) and that old favourite – how to build a radar. “lakbima” has started to make an appearance among the search terms

Then there are blog roll links of those kind enough to link to me. Getting RD’s “Best blog of 2007” award was definitely a boost. Lastly – and certainly not the least, the direct visitors.

They still make up a majority of the traffic. But if I keep slacking off like this, it is silly to expect people to drop by and see the same old same old. However I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that I’m coasting along. Or the fact that I truly enjoy pecking out words that other people are not nauseated to read.

Looming over this is belated realisation that my “free” aka blogging time is fragmenting into tiny minutes scattered across the day. Yes yes I’ve whined about this before. But this time its different.

Too often I’ve pecked out posts a few words at a time. The result I think feels unsatisfyingly choppy – even with an outline (yes I’m try to milk the most of my personal minutes). I can’t help wondering when not if I’ll end up being unreadable.

So its time I admited that blogging is a posive part of my life. It has a “cost” in time and of attention. Yet I feel bloging has earned itself a right to demand some allocated “blogging time” without making me feel guilty.

Most likely, Its going to be at night. Or some obscenely early hour. It certainly will NOT take time away from Mrs C. Of course there is the lone voice of calm rationality in the trench coat that reassures me that this frantic time will pass. Even so things will be different. If I want to have time for blogging AND keep my present commitments I’ll have to be more efficient. Mindfull is the more accurate word.

It could make me a better blogger. Or not. We’ll see. I’m still around and blogging the best I can. Meanwhile thank you for dropping by to read ๐Ÿ™‚ Specially in the last few days.


4 thoughts on “Generating blog traffic without kottu posts

  1. Wedded life is such a nice thing that it finds so many ways of filling those moments that you had before and don’t seem to be able to find right now.

    Ya, “STUFF TO DO” thats what life is all about, but the thing just keeps adding on and never gives up. My to do list is some times like a rat in heat just keeps multiplying.


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