Half-doctor deleted from blogspot.com?

Seems the blog “Through Medical School” of half-doctor has been removed from blogspot.com.


All you get is a message saying

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at half-doctor.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.”

Perhaps the good doc has no time for blogging anymore. At least the blog should have been kept for archival purposes. There were quite a few good posts on it.

Perhaps he’s ditched blogspot and migrating to wordpress. Maybe there were some notices of the move that I didn’t get since I was under a rock.

What ever the case I hope the doc 0.5 is ok and is steadily heading towards being a doc 1.0


23 thoughts on “Half-doctor deleted from blogspot.com?

  1. Something similar happened to me once. When I went to check my blog, I found another it’s place. Turned out blogger’s automated tools had marked my blog as spam and and it was ‘unpublished’.

    Someone had taken over the subdomain at blogger.com in the meantime.
    When I emailed support, they said they couldn’t get me back my subdomain. They ended up restoring at subdomain2.blogger.com.

    Very odd, in that I didn’t have anything that could have been thought of as spam, had almost no readers (unless you count me:-) ), but had a lot of posts.

    I ended up migrating it to wordpress.com.
    Anyway, hope it’s not that in the case of the half-doctor.


  2. I’ve been twittering with the good doctor since this popped up. Must say the prognosis isn’t too good. Hope there’s a full recovery in the works though.


    Sent the URL for this post with yours, and our concerns. Hope the good doc drops by and explains things.


  3. Update – something he twittered back

    “I’m touched that my absence is felt. Will anzr cerno as soon as thz bloody medex is over! I’v not forgottn u guys, never will.” – halfdoctor


  4. Hi, I’m HD (or used to be him), now I’m Half dead. It seems all the vitality is drained outta me. Let me try to gather my thoughts, tell you why and say a final good bye.

    Perhaps it is fitting that you Cerno, being the first person to comment on my blog and link me, should receive my final post. I hope that you will also be kind hearted enough (after reviewing this comment) to post it in your blog as my final good bye to all those who have commented/ visited or plain ignored my former site (h**f-d**tor.blogspot.com)

    I’m trying to begin a tale here, that just refuses to be regurgitated. There is quite a hard lump in my larynx (throat).

    The time-bomb started ticking as soon as I published the post on “Angu**tion” (characters omitted intentionally to avoid googling, it stands for “to slant”) on the big booze at our fac hostel. Even on publishing it I did harbour some doubts as to what harm it might cause me but, I went on. (foolishly? no I didn’t think that then, I don’t think that now.) I have always been the one to call a stone ‘a hard round object that you can throw at someone, and better still throw on top of someone’s head’. And I was not going to balk down on this. Yes, I know I’m wandering. Borderline schizophrenia? maybe.

    Well some bleeding fellows from the batch concerned stumbled upon this post and they purportedly they were pretty infuriated simply mad dog furiously angry that I had written about their drunken exploits to the world at large. So they were going to find out who the hell HD was and kick the daylights outta him.

    Well because I have always been plugged into our faculty saline line (grape-vine) I got the news of the hit, faster than you can say Jack-a-dandy. It didn’t worry me any, even if they could find out my identity, (which was not impossible from my prev blog posts) I was still standing by what I’d said and am not afraid to declare that to their very faces whatever be the circumstances. But unfortunately I had to reveal this threat to ‘sweets’ who was just plain scared shitless. She was on the verge of tears from then and implored and begged me to get outta this mess- by deleting all of my blog. I persisted as long as I could, but any steadfast principle I hold true can be washed away by the tears of the one person who I love, and who loves me back. Call me a milksop if you will, but that’s just me. I can understand ‘sweets’ feelings. she only looks to protect me. Afterall in a country where the heads of state media get beaten and hospitalised, would a puny HD stand a chance against those drunken thugs. So regretfully last Tuesday I deleted my blog, and every trace of HD on the net.

    That is why you cannot access the site anymore, I have deleted it. It has been a little over 6 months for this blog that I nurtured, with a lot of sacrifice and effort and watched it maturing with not a little pride. Hence deleting it was traumatising, unhealthily so. Currently I have the medical exhibition to occupy my thoughts, but when I am free at night I despair so much, as I am doing now. I would have gladly taken a punch, even a bullet rather than this.

    So that is the story of it. Lastly I have to thank all the 5000+ visitors who either mistakenly or not landed at my site, those lovely souls I met on the blogosphere like Cerno, Chaarmax, Pissu P, Dili, PinkBG, Bodhini, T, not forgetting all the others who just didn’t come to my mind right now. Thank you all for your encouragement, support, comments and stones. It was a most wonderful time in my life, while it lasted.
    I will try to visit you guys if and when I get over my dumps, I do not have any thoughts about starting blogging again in the future. But if I do, I’ll tell you.
    Finally again Thanks. I’m HD and I’m gone.


  5. I haven’t been this saddened for a long time.. I seriously can’t think of what to say.. shit.. while thinking of all the alternatives my self.. this would be the best option considering the factors that you have mentioned..

    But whatever the case don’t give up blogging. Let all this pass by.. blow over.. and resume under a new handle.. if not we’ll lose a dear friend..

    Hoping for a return.. and for what it’s worth.. it was indeed a pleasure knowing you and reading your blog.. and Good luck in overcoming crisis.

    PS – Google still has cached a few pages.. and Cerno’s links still come up on Google (including this one).


  6. I’m sad to hear that Half Doctor. Wish you all the best in your future endures.

    PS. maybe you can publish your old good posts in a new blog under a new name without those offending posts.


  7. aiyo.. that sucks. i liked reading your blog. it even made me eat more bananas. and hope the problems blow over soon. like chaar max says, come back with a different blog after all this is forgotten.

    good luck with all the issues and everything else!


  8. HD, If you read this again, your weblog is still in Google cache including the post that caused all this trouble. Please request Google to flush the cache. Cerno if you see this delete this and get it to HD through email. Sorry there was no other way to get this information.


  9. Good that you moderate comments. Also pass the message to HD that his flickr account is under the same name. If those drunken .75 docs find that they were taken with a Nikon D40, it might be easier to catch him (there might be not many people walking around with Nikon D40s). He can change the flickr account name. I remembered this because of your Padaviya post about him.


  10. oh no…HD blog is gone 😦

    thanks 4 the great posts. being a hd myself…ur blog was somethin i cud easily relate to. although honestly i dint comment often on your blog…i was a regular visitor.

    hope u arent found by the..erm…seniors. good luck with ur studies and hope u restart ur blog some time in the future.


  11. O crap. This IS sad! 😦 Tragic that drunken bozos can make people feel so unsafe. How need goon squads of politicians.

    HD: I hope you at least downloaded your blog to your computer so that at least one day you can resurrect it.

    Your writing is great and you offer a point of view that needs to be heard. Hope you make a comeback. If it makes you and yours feel any safer then its for a good cause 🙂 Btw, Diordna is correct about the google cache of your old blog. But I doubt that the drunks would bother with it. Anyway “that” post doesn’t exactly name names.

    Perhaps google cache is a good way to retrieve some of your old post.

    All the best out there and be safe. And my regards to your sweets 😉 I guess she must mean quite a lot to you.

    Even if the doctor has left the building, (for now) I bet he’ll be back.

    Meanwhile I can’t help but wonder if this constitutes a threat against a citizen journalist like HD. Perhaps because he wasn’t writing about politicians I wonder if the Free Media Movement will be interested…


  12. this is sad. really
    no been this sad since deletion of yaaro’s blog at begining of 2006

    isn’t there a no public option in blogger blogs? then the blog is restrsicted to permitted ppl.
    may be it is too late in this case.
    but others in the same positon may want to take that option instead of deleting the whole thing. one can bring it back then whan thing have calmed down


  13. Not a great reflection on the standards of medical students I must say.

    Anyway, you can start something later but taking care to disguise your identity as advised by some of the bloggers above.


  14. This really upset me…he will be missed and already is….even though I never left any comments I read HD’s blog every day!
    This shows that having the highest IQs (as they claim) doesn’t necessarily make these people the most sensible !!!!
    I hope HD will come back to his former glory SOON.
    We all miss you!!!!


  15. Thank you All
    If there’s a real ‘Friend’. It is who is with you, in your darkest hour. Thanks to every one of you, who stood by me, in mine.
    All your comments and support has given me courage to someday reappear and start treating again.
    Be Good and Stay Healthy.


  16. Really miss ur blog HD, I used to read it every time I log in, u know.
    U must come back with a different. name, diff blog, cause what u write values a lot. You wrap up the subject matter clearly . Srilanka need medda’s like you who can convey the medical matter in a simpler way to general public. Bro , Ur writing skills are excellent
    I know how bad things can get, have gone down that road once. Since then I am keeping my distance from those “areas” as far as I can.
    Charmed > u r right, sometimes I do wonder on that IQ thingy,I guess it all depends on the moral upbringing !
    HD Hope u’d come back soon !


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