Memorial for Half-doctor’s blog

Seems half-doctor had to delete his blog for his own protection. Merely for writing a post (without mentioning any names) about a drunken party.  Given the number of bloggers who have commented about this, its quite apparent that I won’t be the only one who will miss Half-doctor’s blog. It painted a interesting well written picture about medical school life in Sri Lanka.

I hope the good doc will start blogging when things cool down.

If YOU like to see him back – leave your comments of support below. Perhaps with tips of anonymous blogging etc.


7 thoughts on “Memorial for Half-doctor’s blog

  1. Who are the fucking retards doc?
    I’ll come down and throw some punches around if needed.

    Don’t stop writing though. Would be a waste of a beautiful mind.


  2. Oh, man…! I can’t belive this has happened, and I’m sorry my show of support has been so delayed (was out of the blog-scene for over a month). Half, who are these insecure idiots? Well anyway, cheers to you for that post, for starting and maintaining a wonderful blog and fingers crossed that you’ll be back soon…


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