Kottu.org 3 years old today

Sri Lanka’s primary blog aggregator, Kottu.org past the 3 years mark today (5th April 2008). I’m basing this on findings I blogged about on Kottu.org passing the 1000 day mark. Though it aggregates only a fraction of Sri Lankan blogs, Kottu.org has assumed the role of the town square in the Sri Lankan blogosphere. I won’t blab further as I have already blogged about kottu.org’s “cultural” significance.

Its safe to say that many Sri Lankan bloggers have benefited from being listed on kottu.org. Both from the sense of community it creates AND from the traffic the site generates. We all owe a big thank you to Kotto.org’s janatorial slave, Indrajit Samarajiva aka Indi (irrespective of what you think of his political views). Setting up the site is nothing compared to mucking around with wordpress detergent and database disinfectant to keep it running for 3 years. On his own time and money while toiling in Sri Lanka’s notorious sulfur mines. Send him your thanks on his blog – better still on the 2005 post about kottu’s soft launch.

I doubt my blog would have grown as it has without kottu.org. Reading the posts flowing through kottu has taught me more about the dynamics of blogging than any other site. The blogs I have discovered through it have taught me even more. For those of you who like to look in life’s rear view mirror, birthdays are a handy time for reflection and perhaps appreciate (try to keep the bitching out – at least for today) what has kottu.org meant/done for you.

You can also do a Kennedy and say what you could do for Kottu but that’s up to you. You should know where the comment box is by now. Don’t be timid πŸ˜‰


9 thoughts on “Kottu.org 3 years old today

  1. I’m only a recent newbie to blogging but it was only after that I’d seen so many on Kottu so as well as hours of procrastination like Pink Mist said; I guess it was also the catalyst I needed to blogging myself! πŸ™‚


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