Social Vegetarianism – great post on how to get along no matter what you eat

Discovered’s enlightening “The Social Vegetarian – Connecting with Meat-Eaters and Others at Work and at Play” which “researching” for a post on how meat and plant eaters can get along. It is a compassionately well written, friendly, in-depth article – far better than anything I could dream of pecking out.

It covers all the issues and more that I touched on in my snooty post “Vegetarian’s guide to insecure meat eaters“. I didn’t realise what a smug snob I was until I read Jack Point’s very valid comment from a non veg host’s point of view. I have wanted to make amends but as usual I got down to it only now. Better late than never. So here’s the link to’s great post. Its part of their ebook but I’ll let you read all about that on their site 🙂

Bon Appétit!


4 thoughts on “Social Vegetarianism – great post on how to get along no matter what you eat

  1. This is interesting. I’ve always found it hard in social situations involving food because instantly the fact that I don’t eat meat becomes a huge issue. If there were more veggie options that wouldn’t be a problem however.


  2. Romina: Must be harder being a vegan. Still I think good humoured communication and understanding works out on the long run. At least on the long run. So far it has worked for me 🙂

    I have heard that in non third world countries, there are more vegetarian options and good old plant eating is moving into the main stream. What’s your take on that? Maybe its limited cosmopolitan big cities?


  3. Not really sure why you thought your post was smug or you were being a snob. There are a minority of meat eaters who are bewildered by peeople being vegetarians. Just like there will always be a minority (occasionally a majority) of people who will be uncomfortable with any choice you make that they are not capable of understanding, no?

    For example, you could replace the word vegetarian with homosexual, or polygamist, or necrophiliac and come to a similar conclusion to the one you did in your other post.


  4. Curious Yellow: I thought my previous post had snobish/smug take by wrongly lumping ALL meat eaters as being “insecure” about vegetarians. When that’s not the case. I’ve met plenty who have accommodated my plant eating without a fuss 🙂

    This post is meant to rectify that with some practical idea about how to improve communication between veg and non veg people. The idea of the current post is to link to something that has pointers on better communication. Hopefully it will contribute (somewhere along the time) to better understanding and therefore a happier time at the table for everyone.


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