Terrorist boat trailer

Boat trailer in the image below is used by the LTTE’s “Sea Tigers” to transport their boats from jungle hideouts to the sea. The image was taken by Isak Berntsen who was part of the SLMM. He has generously made the image freely available via wikimedia commons site.

LTTE boat trailer

For some background info, the Janes defence web-site has a 2001 analysis of the LTTE’s maritime combat capabilities. A February 2008 article summery covers Sea Tiger surveillance radar capabilities. The Lanka Herald cites a supposed Janes article that proclaims the LTTE’s downfall inevitable. The article has some references to the setbacks suffered by the Sea-tigers. The most elite arm of the Seatigers is supposed to be its suicide terrorists. “lrrp”, author of the Camp Steel Wire blog has an interesting post that claims to be an extract of an interview with a Seatiger suicide terrorist captured by the Sri Lanka Navy.

I heard somewhere that the LTTE get their combat craft built in Japan. Or maybe its the engines. Hopefully a better informed personage will chip in. You know where the the comment box is 🙂

For those who like pictures, Wikimedia has a pic of a LTTE boat taking passengers on the beach and in the water under the ceasefire flag. Rajarata’s flickr site also has plenty to ogle at. Obviously  there’s more if you bother to google so I won’t do  all the mouse/keyboard work for you .

Yes that’s all I got for now 😐 The speed of life is ramping up. Hard to blog after long days at work looking at the screen. Back to the toil now..


9 thoughts on “Terrorist boat trailer

  1. This trailer made from Tata type bus chasis to carry Muraj,Thrikka, Sudai or Idayan type Sea Tiger boats. If they are hard to spot cuz, ltte parks them next to Hospitals & schools of course… Jungles.
    If SLAF can spot them, it’ll create a dent in their operations !
    The are the reason SLAF cant destroy Sea tigers in bases, cuz, they are driven off to the jungle. But, DPU’s or spies can compromise their locations.
    The next photo of ltte craft loading ltte personel in Mulaitivu ? Either, a Thrikka or Sudai type craft, Hull either from Indonesia or India ! Cuz, Muraj type are longer and have a pointed bow with 23mm. This type carries 20mm & .50cals mostly captured SLN stock which SLN has sunk a few & captured. Still A terrorist craft ! Nice page Cerno !


  2. Cerno mate,
    Did ya hear SLAF Migs hit the boat trailers parked in the Jungles up north ? Nice work Cerno….. Ya gotta a DFC from us guys at Defnet. Kudos to ya ! I think SLAF found some n the jungle ! Nice huh ?


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