Traditional vehicle graphics Sri Lanka

Truck pictured below is typical of traditional Sri Lankan vehicle graphics. Our indigenous version of the more extravagant “Jingle trucks” of Afghanistan. The designs follow a certain “classic pattern. From the window like landscapes in the upper doors to the 3 late “3D” lettering on the lower flap. Deshan has a better picture of another classically teemed truck with a beautifully carved rear wooden “fender”. There’s more in my collection of Sri Lankan graphic design posts.

Traditional vehicle graphics Sri Lanka

Travel themes seems the trend lately – particularly after the splatter of road trip posts of the last few days. I could go on but its been a grinding week. I’ll be happy to crawl into the weekend and lie there sprawled on the rug. Even if 5:55am on a Friday looks like any other morning, its closer to the weekend. Right now that thought will get me through

With a feeble banzai I leave you to contemplate the eternal mysteries…


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