ABBA fan

Just became an ABBA fan. A generation or so behind perhaps but I never claimed to be into cutting edge stuff. I am not the kind of fan who starts screaming with joy when their music comes on. An appreciator might be a more clinically accurate term. I certainly have NOT contemplated purchasing any albums or bothered to download anything. Mrs C’s stash of ABBA is sufficient. But I have to confess that I like the sound of their music and the words.

Perhaps this cataclysmic event might have happened earlier in life if I had bothered to listen to the music. ABBA songs was always in the background when I was growing up. My parents used to playing their favourite LPs of the same few ABBA songs whenever they had the chance. I had very little idea what the songs meant. Not sure what the specific songs were since they are all blurred in with the absurdities of bell bottoms and safari suits. As an adult I just went along with the general aversion to the seventies and its cultural radiation.

The insane cold that has floored me for the last few days has opened a few sluice gate of cultural awareness. In-between bouts of 3am coughing and slugs of assorted medicinal brews, I have had the time to soak in the ABBA. Actually been able to listen to the lyrics. Which from the few that I have listened to – are quite positive and affirming. A refreshing contrast to all gloom and doom that is the news.

I am certainly no music critic and a clumsy attempt at ABBA analysis here would be futile. Suffice it to say that being married to an ABBA fan has made me into one. A departure from my usual musical preferences. More amazing since I had given up listening to music (other than whatever flows out of YFM on the chariot’s radio) in the last few months. But that’s another post.

Thank you for the music (and for reading)


18 thoughts on “ABBA fan

  1. Welcome to the club. ABBA’s music tends to be looked down by some people as either old fashioned or syrupy. If one listens closely these myths are easily dispelled.

    There are two outstanding features of ABBA’s music: the quality of the invention and the skill of the songcraft. The sheer fecundity of the two ABBA composers is I think unparalleled in popular music, almost Mozartian.

    If you listen carefully you will hear some of the intricacies of the song’s construction: harmonies, inner voices, counter melodies that make the songs very interesting. The ear is lead by the beautiful tunes but there is plenty to engage the mind and this is what saves them from degenerating into sugary or syrupy rubbish like “Beautiful Dreamer” or “The Maiden’s Prayer”. If you are not familiar with these and are in a mood for some punishment I think you will be able to find them on Youtube-just to understand the contrast.

    Some of my favourite ABBA numbers include ‘Angel Eyes’. ‘Knowing me knowing you’, ‘Does your mother know’ and ‘Under Attack’.

    I’ve recently discovered two others who are also worth exploring: The Bee Gees (start with ‘Secret Love’ and ‘First of May’) and Shakin Stevens (Start with ‘You drive me Crazy’)

    All this and much more is available on Youtube.


  2. Geez Cerno, sure they’re the one of the 1st bubble gum pop type bands but they’re no Paris Hilton πŸ˜› What other good music have you been missing?

    You should see this – [Link]


  3. Wow… only just discovered ABBA? Well done you, as it’s better late than never. Much respect to Mrs. Cerno for her impeccable taste in music. I too grew up with ABBA… but mostly on the foreground as my parents had a couple of videos that we’d all dance to πŸ™‚


  4. better late than never i guess. i’ve always liked them, after i found out about them. i remember how depressed i was after i found out they had disbanded (mind you, i found out that when i found out about abba, which was years after they actually broke up)


  5. Jack Point: Couldn’t have dreamed up a better analysis πŸ™‚ Thank you (apologies that the spam filter delayed your comment from appearing).

    Dili: Thankfully I am ignorant on that one. Not been listening to music much lately. Even YFM. Prefer conversations with humans or whatever ambient sounds around me. odd no?

    Angel: πŸ˜€ Will pass on you kudos to the Mrs.

    pissu perera: Well at least you recovered from the terrible news and moved on πŸ˜‰


  6. when i was a kid my parents also use to put ABBA and Boney-M songs at home and I grew up loving them. Their “I have a dream” is one of my favorite. I wish the 4 of them had continued as a team, then we would have got more beautiful songs from them.


  7. Jim Reeves aka Gentleman Jim, old fashioned crooner, not really to my taste. I don’t think very much of him.

    There used to be a number of shops and businesses called ABBA – a testimony to their popularity, I think there is still one left in Welawatte/Dehiwala on the Galle Rd, landside.


  8. That ABBA saree shop that JP talks about is prominent in my mind and has been there since the about 1976. It used to be a landmark for me when my Dad and I would drive to my Aunt’s house in Dehiwala when I was 10. I think they repainted the sign a few years ago, but it’s still ABBA.


  9. Jack & RD: I have to locate this shop now 😐 though I don’t get to go that way lately. Where about is it located (to the nearest intersection)?


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