Prabhakaran served us dinner (terrorist at the table)

Details of this story have been blurred to protect the innocent. If it wasn’t for the mannerisms of the narrator and his audience, I would say this story is a great yarn. In the vein of recollections I have overheard on childhood trips in the kerosene lamp lit veranda of some rural rest house. The adults around their camp fire of Lion larger bottles while us kids huddled around a battered Carrom board fighting over the last reserves of precious talcum powder. The story was told by a family friend. A person who knows people in the oddest places. Even by Sri Lankan standards.

He was talking about a road trip to Jaffna – think sometime around the late 60s. Similar to the kinds of travels I have overheard and blogged about before. This particular journey ended up in Valvettithurai. Naturally the narrator knew some well off people in the area. The kind that specialised in a niche of the import exports that didn’t involve customs. A lavish dinner was prepared for the visitors. Mouth watering Jaffna cooking doing its thing with seafood fresh off the boats. Attending to the diners were numerous kids who carried goodies out of the kitchen and empty dishes from the table. One, the narrator claimed with certainty, was Velupillai Prabhakaran.

The “oh shit” vibe among the listeners told a different story. Whose details I don’t want to hear. Suffice it to say that I knew my paw wasn’t being pulled. You are of course free to decide otherwise.


12 thoughts on “Prabhakaran served us dinner (terrorist at the table)

  1. So what? Whats the big deal?

    Mahinda Rajapakse too have worked as a peon at Vidyodaya library. I am sure we have many scholars who have used his services then.


  2. Sarath: VP is a historical figure now – as is Hitler, Pol Pot, and his excellency. However I think the “so what” factor is a matter of personal preference 🙂 Same applies for the “big deal” factor. Clearly both are not very high with you which is perfectly reasonable. Perhaps one of those scholars might spin a yarn about HE’s peon days..


  3. RD: I’m as stumped about the weird comments as you are. As for tipping the guy I doubt it happened. According to my “source”, it was a private recidence and there were other serving “kol-las” toiling away as well.

    theena: That’s an interesting take on history 🙂

    Gini Appu: That’s a good one 😀 thank you 🙂


  4. This privilege is available only to a few. Prabs has little time to mess around because, as anyone who has the brain of a
    rathu koombiya knows, VP works on a 24-hr explosive agenda.
    So if someone got invited for a “nandu curry and pittu dinner”
    with Prabs this is something to write home about or scream from the roof-top – the choice is yours. As I learn Prabs
    extends such courtesies only to those who are just about to embark on something “really big” I’ve heard Dhanu who did that li’l thing on Rajiv was an invitee earlier. But watch out for your 60+ something codger. He could be quite a gasser. Try stop the guy before he does something silly. Cheers!


  5. This may come off all wrong but I think it goes to show that anyone can make something of themselves if they have the drive. From a lowly paid school teacher to a millionairess author or poor kid in Jaffna to a dynamic leader of a terrorist organisation.


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