Potuvil Point from Google Earth

Potuvil Point pictured below from Google Earth, is located at the northern end of Sri Lanka’s famous Arugam bay.

Potuvil Point - Google Earth close up facing South

Potuvil Point from Google Earth Facing North

The marginally more adventurous can explore Potuvil point via satellitesights.com

As for the controversy part, well I deleted the details. You can insinuate what you like from the comments below 🙂


Indi, Sri Lanka’s most well know blogger has an extensive post on Potuvil Point.


8 thoughts on “Potuvil Point from Google Earth

  1. Why are you raking up two-year old shit man? I have been to the ‘point’ over the past two tears and saw no evidence of real estate development, unless you call a few thatched cabanas that.

    Not cool to make insinuations based on unverifiable sources and mentioning names in the process.


  2. You are not talking 2 years old man you are talking 10 years. I know Giles and i knew Manic like my brother. Both talk the same language but in different dialects.

    “…neo colonial symbolism – foreign nationals buying land from locals, accusations of corruption, and real-estate developed building resorts on pristine beaches in the third world. It is the sort of thing that can bring out the environmental activists into the streets.”

    well I am an environmental activist of sorts but I am staying indoors for this one.

    “Those bloody colonialists, if only they could bugger off back home with their human rights agendas and leave us to make a fast buck from Iran and China.”

    Respect for those who have passed through this life but get your facts right before jumping to conclusions on those that are still around.


  3. javajones: I’m just following the trail of links I found when I googled “Potuvil Point”. The articles I linked two are about as verifiable as any newspaper article if you want to do the leg work. I wasn’t intentionally making any insinuations at anyone just commenting on the text I encountered. But I get your point.

    Kalu Kumar: The quote in your comment that goes : “Those bloody colonialists…” I didn’t write that in my post. The first quote you make I did write – as a way of satirising how I’ve heard some family members in my family refer to land purchases by non nationals. Personally I have no issue with legal sale of legal thing. The only conclusions I am making are that there was a controversy about this place and that those named in it seem linked via references in the web. Anyone with a web browser and an internet connection can verify these links and references.

    The fact that a link exists doesn’t necessarily authenticate the facts. So I can see that leaving such links inconclusively hanging is perhaps not wise. Particularly for people mentioned in the article I linked to. It certainly seems to upset people I respect.

    So out of consideration I’m taking out most of the text in this. The comments of course will stay 🙂

    I suppose some may legitimately say that I’m caving into censorship etc etc. They are free to think otherwise.

    chaarmax & gutterflower: Groan 😦 not again! Right now I feel lucky to peck out a comment. These tagged confessions are quite tricky… But I suppose I must relent. This tagging thing is has strange powers of persuasion 😉


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