Boost your blog with is an easy to use, free community driven service that lets you create posts with interactive Google satellite images. Think of it as for satellite sightseeing. It is far easier (and faster) to add locations to this site than rendering+editing+uploading+embedding images from Google Earth into blog posts – as I have laborious been doing. All you need is a modern web-browser. If you can write a blog post with links, you can use this site. For the details check out their helpful FAQ.

4 ways benefits bloggers:

  1. Linking to a satellite image of a place is a great way to illustrate it if you are blogging about a specific location. Specially if that place has distinctive land marks visible from the air. There’s something “impartial” about satellite imagery that can add more credibility to accompanying ground eye images on your post. lets you harness that power faster without a fuss.
  2. A post on is a good way to create an information scent trail leading to (hopefully) a post on your blog offering more detailed information. It is a more relevant alternative to getting a link buried in yet another blog aggregator/directory listing.
  3. is growing as a hub for sharing and commenting on geographical information. This process is made easier since the site content is broken by country. As a result the site is also a good way of targeting a niche audience that’s interesting geo blogging related content.
  4. has very fast AND effective user support. When I posted my first locations, they bothered to contact me with a human crafted email specific to my posts – not a server generated one. Specifically to ask if I found the system convenient to use. I casually suggested an easier way to adding links to external sites and they actually implemented it! (may be they had been working on it much earlier but give me this swollen ego moment will you?)I guess it helps to have posts from exotic places like Sri Lanka ;). When I had some difficulty inserting links on another post, they fixed it and e-mailed an apology! Without me ever complaining about it.

I’m not being paid to say these things. I stumbled across this site while searching for a better alternative to Wikimapia. Wikimapia doesn’t make it easy to link to relevant info outside their system. Furthermore, it is very easy for anyone to delete information you contribute to Wikimapia. By using a blogging model, preserves user generated content – unless its blatant spam.

Using this site has converted me from a user to a fan. In that tradition I’m making it my business to tell you and everybody else who reads this about If you got an interesting place you want to talk about, point it out on And don’t forget to let me know about it in the comment box below – preferably with a link to your post


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