Psychic reading: Cerno’s past lives

Psychic reading into Cerno’s past births lead to some very interesting stories. All of which have uncanny links to my present life. Here’s a sample.

It happened on a hot lazy weekend afternoon on a continent far far away. The building was a stained nondescript survivor of the 1950s. Inside the room it was dark and cool. The crystal ball sat small and harmless on a stand moulded with dragons. Velvet draped the white plastic table. It wobbled slightly. At least she wasn’t wearing a gypsy costume or speaking with a theatrical “”voice. Just normal smart business attire and professional focus of a tax account planner. With a little more humour perhaps.

Surprisingly I wasn’t interested in the future. Just curious of the unknown past. Below is a few selected past lives from the “reading” πŸ™‚ Summarised so that I don’t have type too much.

The Mongol warrior

Apparently part of the leader’s inner circle. Forever practising with other horseman to charge as a single unit. Swords, pointed helmets and high speed mounted archery. I just hope I wasn’t involved in the siege of Baghdad. It was one of the largest massacres in pre industrial time.

The Sri Lankan metal smith

Creating ornate metal objects as the head of a clan of craftsman. The time frame is supposedly 1600s though I have no idea how this was justified. Somewhere in lush mountainous country. Most of the work consisted of hefty metal-ware with intricate designs. Apparently it was a happy life. My wife in that birth was an previous reincarnation of the woman I was dating at the time of the reading. She dumped me 6 months later. A painful experience until I discovered just how lucky I was. Those details are of course classified.

Scandinavian traveller

This past life occurred some time in the 1800s. Blond hair, blue eyes and lots of snow. Many images of sailing ships and being away from home on some sort of business. There was a wife – the same woman from the “Sri Lankan metal smith” life. Apparently during the “Scandinavian” past life the two of us were telepathic connected (no description as to what that exactly means). Apparently this was part of the reason I was so strongly attracted to her. I didn’t confirm or deny this to the psychic who mentioned this in the tone of describing the obvious.

World War 1 officer

Most likely it was for the British Empire from the Khaki uniforms. A person of humble origin who created some type of mechanical innovation for a weapon. This resulted in a promotion and an ability to mix with the upper classes. Which led to an affair, elopement with a woman of aristocratic linage and banishment by the establishment.

The psychic describe some sort of military leadership role. Leading a charges over muddy terrain. The men following loyally. Miraculously I was not killed. Went on to live to an old age. Made a packet doing something with flying machines. From her descriptions it seemed like airships. Lost it all to bail out an alcoholic brother from a financial mess. Despite all this I had looked after this total looser of brother. I guess family must have been important. However things seems to have looked up in the later stages – getting back the wealth that was lost and retiring rich.

I don’t want trigger a futile bickering about rebirth, the “afterlife” and psycic readings. However there are quite a few links between the past lives described to me in the reading and facts about me I never disclosed to the psychic.

I’ll blog about them in another post. Till then, thank you for reading.


7 thoughts on “Psychic reading: Cerno’s past lives

  1. Similar very old lady in Holland told me that I was a Black Smith in Arizona!(Mexico then) and not too far from Phoenix. It does not matter if one believes or not about fore life or after life. I am just getting ready in case there is one and it does not hurt in this life either!.


  2. Glad you finally did this Cerno. Very insightful…. πŸ˜€ cant wait for the next..

    So if I see a guy with blonde hair in a khaki suit with an ornate handcrafted Mongol sword, thats you?


  3. Haha that’s awesome! I love psychics/astrologers/palm readers and the like, not for truth value, but for pure entertainment! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for the next either!


  4. Dili: A pleasure πŸ˜€ You didn’t mention the lime green mohawk. But otherwise you are spot on πŸ˜‰

    Vindi: Thank you πŸ™‚ Will bang out part two when I get some time at the keyboard. Yes it was fun though some of my mother’s generation will think otherwise. 😈 The horoscope comparison usually starts when you graduate :mrgreen:


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