Draconian underwear colour regulations now in effect

New underwear colour regulations went into effect at midnight on Saturday the 21st. What a cunning legislative ambush. Woke up to be informed by the newly established Department of Domestic Management that I have to abide by new underwear colour regulations. Apparently the department is not impressed with the current selection of colours. I was informed via an unambiguous statement that I will now have to surrender to bright yellow, and other florescents 😯

Luckily I was able to get an appointment with the head of the department and grovel for a reprieve. Firstly I pleaded that my current selection of colours were driven by the fact that they were the only ones on sale. I also humbly begged that I be exempted from purple and pink hues. Mercifully Mrs Cerno who is the chair person of the department relented. In exchange I agreed not to file a fundamental rights petition or apply for asylum in Burkina Faso.

The positive side of this Saturday morning surprise is a blog post without any effort on my feeble neurones.


5 thoughts on “Draconian underwear colour regulations now in effect

  1. hell, the police state is everywhere.

    Time for rebellion, if we fail we shall doe trying.

    From today , no more underwear, we shall join you in solidarity, keep that flag or flagpole or whatever flying.


  2. Jack: Thankfully I got all the forms for an exemption. Just have to get it signed off by the grama sevaka ect etc. 😉 But I do appreciate the solidarity. Wasn’t the JVP doing an underwear rally as well? or was that a bigger issue

    kalusudda: As much as I respect the personal choices of the transgender and cross dressing communities women’s underwear is not my style 🙂

    Angel: 😉 😀


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