Terrorist base from Google Earth?

Installation has a distinctive circular shaped permitter interspersed with rectangular buildings. There is a smaller compound in the centre. It is located in the part of Jaffa peninsula held by the LTTE. North of the former Elephant Pass Sri Lanka Army base and south of the Mankulam exit/entry point. Interestingly the area where this installation is located  isn’t well marked on maps. I’ve wasted too much time finding out the had way. The closest I got was this stylised map on the “Nation” web-site. The Lone Ranger blog has a detailed map but it is too small to read the place names.

Strange Complex - Jaffna Peninsula

3 thoughts on “Terrorist base from Google Earth?

  1. manowar: I wonder if that might be a waste of munitions. I have yet to hear any info on what this is. It could be abandoned or of little military value. Anyway its a small oddity in the greater tragedy


  2. lol, this looks like an alien base!!!!! its a pentagon if I’m not mistaken. maybe the LTTE gets alien support as well 🙂
    anyway i think that SLA will look to it and make sure about it!!!!


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