Sri Lanka air force helicopter gun-ships Vavuniya – Military bases Google Earth

Looks like some version of the Mil Mi-2424s from the Orthographic projection I dug up on Wikipedia.
SLAF gunships Vavuniya Air Force Base Sri Lanka

You can check out more of this air-base on google maps. Note that the images date back to around 2005-2006. Chances are the LTTE would be getting better quality the latest from commercial satellite imagery providers.



  1. In the Guard of Honor today, there were two MI 24s and one MI 35 (ID’d by the fixed twin barrel nose gun). They flew right over my house (moratuwa) and the sound was AWESOME 🙂


  2. chandimag: Weren’t you glad they were in a good mood and not attacking 😉 Saw a youtube cockpit eye video of one of those things doing training runs (somewhere in Russia). First time I was spooked by a youtube video 😯


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