Innovative new blog

Comments are the by product of blogging. Yet Kalusudda’s comment blog has done something interesting if not new by flipping the traditional blog model. The innovativeness of the idea is its simplicity. No fancy technology or hacks.

The blog about the comments Kalusudda has left through out the Sri Lankan blogoshere. Might sounds like a potentially dry catalogue of an active blog reader. Some could claim that its another form of comment spam. It is none of the above – primarily because of the content. The interesting prospect is that Kalusudda’s comment blog can become an overview of the discussions going on in parts of the Sri Lanka blogoshere. A sort of personalised “meta” commentary on the kinds of discussions going in the blogopshere. Something that might not turn up on blog aggregators or RSS feeds. The closest analogy I can think of is for comments.

I think the strength of this blog will rest on Kalusudda’s ability spot where the iinteresting conversations are and direct readers to them. A role that could make Kalusudda the blogospere’s comment correspondant. Or perhaps its gossip colounnist. Maybe even the comment King. Only time will tell. Kalusudda is definitly a new blog worth tracking..

Disclosure: Kalusudda has commented about my blog & linked to it a few times.


5 thoughts on “Innovative new blog

  1. Man What a way to wake up on Sunday morning! Just to thank Cerno for giving me the honor. I usually browse the SL blogs on my blackberry and some times leave misspelled comments. That is because my thumbs are huge compared to Blackberry keyboard. My companion is much more apt with this thumbing, even typing Kanji with it. I would have never got to do this if not for the price of the gas. Now we take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to and from work/school few times a week. I still drive to San Jose. Gas price is making you gasp, yesterday I pumped a full tank last evening for $68! Anyway the story is I like to go back and see the reaction on comments I left. As Blackberry is used for other things besides browsing SL blogs and commenting, I decided to keep a tab on those on a blog called Kalusudda comments.
    Thanks again for the honor Cerno!

    RD, I read your blog as well and I have commented indirectly! You directed me to Javajones’ God and I commented there! πŸ˜‰ You can like me a little now, no?

    See you guys/gals soon, I am off to the beach (It is not like SL beaches, dark gloomy and touching water is like putting your hand into a freezer.) with some friends. But I have a good wet suite and can surf a little without freezing my future generation. I will write up more comments tonight.


  2. TimesEye: 80 πŸ˜• 😐 ❗ :mrgreen: πŸ˜‰

    RD: Oh come on don’t be so fussy I’m sure Mr kalusudda will will rectify the matter

    kalusudda: My pleasure. I think you got a great idea going for a blog. Blogging with a Blackberry -that’s a new one. Never having touched one πŸ™‚ As a benefit of not driving, you should write a post about blogging with a Blackberry – using a Blackberry.

    On a more serious note – think you got a interesting idea for a blog. Specially if you report on the interesting comment/discussions that go in the blogs you read πŸ™‚

    Be safe in the water btw – and it might behove you to comment on RD’s blog πŸ˜‰


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