Udappu Sri Lanka 1 year later

Water rites of Udappu seems off the newscape though more than an year ago it caught the Sri Lanka blogosphere’s attention in poetic fashion. My Google Earth post about Udappu/Udappuwa has all the relevant links. This year even udappu.org site is quiet. However the ceremonies occur in late July to early August. Specially with the Olympics pushed back to August. Anyone going to one or the other? I am not in any position to go anywhere 😐 (Details classified).


3 thoughts on “Udappu Sri Lanka 1 year later

  1. Dear Cerno,

    Hope you are well. I just came across your blog. Great stuff! I am writing to you because I am launching a website that will be populated with cross-cultural information about every country in the world. We will be looking to the web community to help do this with all the information being available for free. I was wondering if you and/or members from your community may be able to help us out with the Sri Lanka pages. We would love your input. Let me know if you would be open to this and I’ll send along a brief questionnaire. Please also feel free to check out the website, become a member (it’s free!) and add to the guide.

    Here is a link to the site: http://www.culturecrossing.net/

    Thank you for your time!


    Michael Landers
    Director – Culture Crossing
    Email: michael@culturecrossing.net


  2. tinker: 😀 now that’s a good imagination at work! Or you are my mother in law who told spousal unit soon after the wedding to “get on with it”.

    Michael: Sounds like a fascinating idea. Sadly I’m quite swamped for time that I’m lucky to peck out a blog post. Check out some of the blog on kottu a major Sri Lankan blog aggregator. There will be plenty of bloggers who will do you justice 🙂

    The Sri Lanka based bloggers that might interest you that comes to mind is Theena Kumaragurunathan and The Missing Sandwich. Both of whom also write professionally I think. Same goes for Dinidu de Alwis
    Another is David blacker who is a published novelist among other things.


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