7 Ages of Blogging (after Shakespeare)

All the blogosphere is a stage, And all the bloggers merely men and women: They have their exits and their entrances; And each blogger in their time plays many parts, Their acts being six ages.

At first the newbie, face shiny from the glow of the screen. Posting and posting with ignorant joy – flooding aggregators along the way. Thrilled like a puppy by the smallest positive comment of a passing clicker by.

Then the comment whore – blazing furnace like after getting noticed. Fired up by the jumps and leaps in the stats. Eager to please, writing to seduce the crowd. Each positive comment a hard earned precious coin. Every negative a barbed rusty blade in the back.

Eventually maturity – with a regular readership. Perhaps a reputation as a solider in many a comment war – with a tendency to have the last word even over the dumbest troll.

Then the virile pinnacle – legendary status. Distinguished by an acquisition of sage like properties. Respect of blogging peers, lessers and elders alike. Patient with the mewling and puking of the newbies. Playing the part during inevitable crisis with wise saws, modern instances and a chilled out vibe,

Ultimately and inevitably: the fading star. Posting frequency a withered and shrivelled shank. Mentioned by others as an absence. At best we hope a happy victim of a fruitfully busier off-line life.

Last act of all, that terminates this predictable eventful history – the dead blog. It floats (if not deleted) mutely in your browser. Sans posts, sans comments by the owner. Perhaps there was the last adieu, but most likely it is a case of quiet abandonment and fade to black.

What ever the cause, another turn of a cycle. Which we in the exotic mystic east know is not the end. But the beginning of another spin. One among infinite.

Thanks, Credits and Shout Outs to:

Old bill, whose words continue to inspire many centuries later.
His Rhythmic Excellency for the original observations and a blogging tempo that is legendary.

Have a good weekend πŸ™‚ Wonder what the Shakespeare Geek will think of this. Most likely not much.


14 thoughts on “7 Ages of Blogging (after Shakespeare)

  1. Wooha! This is too good and god like. I think Chaarmax is right. You do right by Bard. I must be one of those new ones! (not!)
    Yes his Rhythmic Thongship (Please note it is leather) added me to his blogroll and his followers are flooding me! I hope he accepts my humble bow. It is a working weekend for me except I will be taking my friends kids (5 and 6) to see a Panda doing Kung Fu Tricks tomorrow afternoon). Enjoy your weekend as well.


  2. chaarmax: Thank you πŸ™‚ As for your question – its a tough one 😐 something for the Rhythmic One to pronounce his wisdom on. Personally I think you are on the “mature” side of things πŸ™‚

    Kalusudda: Happy you liked it & thank you for the weekend wishes. Hope you working weekend wasn’t too bad. Congrats on getting blog rolled by his Rhythmicship πŸ˜€

    Pink Mist: Thank you πŸ˜€


  3. Thanks Cerno. I reckon that’s probably the only time in my life someone will thank me and “Old Bill” in the same credit. I don’t think he’d be quite so chuffed about it though!


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