Suicide bomber training camp from Google Earth

According to the Ministry of Defence, a LTTE suicide bomber training camp is/was located in the area (Thirivaiaru) shown in the image below. The South Asia Terrorism Portal has a fuller listing of LTTE suicide bomber attacks.
Supposed LTTE Black Tiger base location Thirivaiaru
It was attacked by the Sri Lanka airforce on the 30th of July 2008. The Ministry of Defence web-site has a post with video of the attack and an all important map. For those who can’t afford the bandwidth to download it, here’s the youtube version:

The facility was built after 2006 since the Google Earth image does not show the complex of buildings in the in the video. Somebody has already marked the location on Wikimapia.

Hopefully the “facility” is what its claimed to be and not some camouflaged decoy.

3 thoughts on “Suicide bomber training camp from Google Earth

  1. realskullzero: Indeed. Saw a video of a Mil24 gun-ship demo that have even bigger fireworks – though possibly not as powerful. I hope that “intelligence” the govt got was worth the $$$ of the ordinance + jet fuel.


  2. Issapriya was a LTTE Tigress. She may not have carried a gun but through her broadcasts urged others to crush and kill SriLankan forces. She was more than a Tiger Fighter but someone who urged destruction of opponents to her way of thinking. In war, those who carry drums flags and bugles to urge the battle are more dangerous than the fighters themselves. Issapriya was the voice of Tigers, she was then more ruthless than the ordinary fighter. What was she doing on the midst of the last lot of Tigers during the last days of the war? She was urging her fellow terrorists to kill. Ishapriys’s LTTE rank was Lt Colonel Ishapriys. She sang songs praising Suicide Bombers. She was not raped but it was a requirement to remove clothes of all dead Tigers because many of them carried bombs on their person. It was sad to see the destruction of life be they Tamils or Sinhalese. The eighty thousand lives lost because of the acts of the Tigers. They came into the Sinhalese villages in the dead of night and hacked to death hundreds of men women and children. They grabbed crying children from their mothers arms and hacked them to death. They bombed trains and buses.
    You have taken the Terrorists cause and insulting SriLanka a country of the Commonwealth. One of your staff spreading lies against the SriLankan Government. She is married to a director of Channal 4. Both were deported from SriLanka recently. Channal 4 is said to be employing Tiger Terrorists and Tiger sympathisers. Please investigate this. If you lie down with camels you will get up with fleas. Stop abusing and insulting SriLanka


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