Handwritten blogs

Flickr seems to be a natural aggregator of hand-written blogs. It naturally has a group dedicated to hand-written blogs. Yours truly just signed up since I have the proper credentials 🙂 . If your are the paper jotting type this could be an additional place for a link back.

I have also hit the 200 picture limit on my flickr account which means a hard-currency upgrade. Vut to du no? WordPress has pumped up its disk quota, but I find it much easier to use flickr to manage the images. Maybe open another photo sharing account ? Perhaps with another provider. I don’t know. Right not its not too important bothering my limiter neurones.


3 thoughts on “Handwritten blogs

  1. Hmmm… sounds like a great idea as my access to computers has been drastically limited. Wonder if anyone would read my untidy scrawls though…


  2. Jamis Singho: Thank you for that link 🙂

    Angel: There is a solution – Block letters. it slows down the pace of writing and its spectacularly legible. Even I can read my own handwriting. 😉


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