Wife number 2

Mrs C is quite civilised about the whole arrangement. Though she does occasionally tease me about the time I spend with “THE Wife” (her emphasis not mine). I think isn’t entirely fair. Mrs C prefers to have me out of the kitchen. What am I to do but to try and make use of the time? Things have been busy lately at work so I have no other time accept before dinner.

In terms of priorities Mrs C outranks “The Wife” aka wife #2 by a wide margin. I think Mrs C knows that but she uses the whole situation to unleash her devastating sense of humour. Part Saturday Night Live, part Monty Python and a dash of Jim Carry. All delivered with the effect of laser guided shrapnel.

However Mrs C gets a chuckle out of reading “The Wife” which by the way is this blog. Even my horrendous typos doesn’t seem to be an issue. She likes the “human interest” stories like the Old Girls Association post. The Google Earth stuff she told me is not something she “cares for”.

She has one topic she’s been telling me to write about but it is too personal for me to even think about near a key board. I have also detected a slight impatience over the fact that I’ve sworn her to secrecy about discussing my blogging with her trillion friends.

Which brings me to the original intent of this post: how does your spousal unit/significant other/offspring unit(s) regard your blogging?

The comment box awaits your confessions.


18 thoughts on “Wife number 2

  1. My ex and kids know nothing about my blog nor of my blogging activities. The formerly thick black lines are becoming more grey and blurred as my daughters have now met several Sri Lankan bloggers, including a certain Mr Jones and Darwin.


  2. Kids and Hubby have this “let’s humour poor mum/wife” attitude! And are nonchalantly happy that I may even be a wee bit ” known” as a blogger,er…just maybe,that is! It was my eldest son that introduced me to my first one, when I quit work many years ago,set it up, showed me how to do stuff and they probably secretly read it,but on and off, as the novelty of mum being a blogger has now worn off!Hubby doesn’t read it,although he loves it when I say I wrote about him.(Funnily he can’t be bothered abt privacy…unlike myself!)He’d love to have his pix splashed abt and stuff, but….I just stop it right there!:)

    OOPS…sorry the comment is tooo long!


  3. My husband knows and was supposed to be a co-blogger with me, but I am having trouble getting him to actually post.


  4. My SO regularly reads my blog and even edits it from time to time. Of course, I never talk about our personal life on it, so he never feels threatened or embarrassed (which probably has a lot to do with his sunny attitude towards it).


  5. i have to email her a link every time i post an article and even then only when i ask her what she thought does she give me some feedback. On the other hand i’ve by far tried to move my blog from to focus more on my photography and the occasional though here and there. The camera has taken so much of my time that i dont have time to really write anymore. not that i am complaining…


  6. Well technically speaking I have many wifes, girlfriends and lovers that the Cindy is jealous of.. from the Laptop to the Baby (car) etc.. the Blog has not reached such an attention level worth her nagging, but she is concerned abt the “Hotties” I meet through the Blog.. You ought to be knowing how it is Cerno? eh? πŸ˜‰


  7. Aaaaarg not used to such a heap of comments πŸ™‚ It is a nice feeling though. Thank you all for taking the time to confess πŸ˜€

    RD: That must be one hard act to follow πŸ™‚

    poojiths: Thank you πŸ™‚

    indyana: Now that’s a blog post right there πŸ˜€ No comment from you can ever be too long so always feel free to peck away πŸ˜€

    Scrumpulicious: πŸ™‚ hehe I share your take on that.

    kalusudda: Thank you πŸ˜€ Will do

    10yearchallenge: Thank you for the comment – you ought to post your blog URL

    rambleicious: Sounds like a healthy way to collaborate πŸ™‚ Mrs C also spots all my typos in a flash but feels sorry for me.

    Abracadara: You got to EMAIL a link to her? Time she got an RSS feed πŸ˜‰

    Nishadha: Since I’m near a keyboard I can’t type about it 😈

    chaarmax: What β€œHotties” ? πŸ˜† As far a I’m concerned though I’m married to one so I don’t have to go too far πŸ˜€


  8. The better half lovs it when I blog, and was the person who encouraged me to start in the first place. Even the name of my blog came from one of his nicks for me. πŸ™‚ I also now outblog him, post-frequency wise… cheers!


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