Story of unbelievable product loyalty

Making a product integrated with customer’s expression of identity is a rare achievement in marketing. Replicating such a success at a national level – beyond the end user demographic – without a national marketing campaign is unimaginable. But it has happened. Some might say that its an accident of history. No marketeer has stepped forth to claim result.

The product is the AK-47 automatic rifle and the customer is the nation of Mozambique in East Africa. The AK-47 is so integrated with Mozambique’s war of independence that the country has put it on their national flag. Making Mozambique the only country with a modern rifle on their national flag. Its on their coat of arms and is mentioned in their constitution. Article 194 states it represents “defence and vigilance”. Flags of the world has a summery of the inevitable debates that occur from such a symbol. Interestingly, the AK is comparatively less prominent in their military insignia.

There was a move to remove the gun from the flag but the Mozambique parliament voted to keep the AK47 in their flag.

You can’t buy this kind of product loyalty. Not that Izhevsk Mechanical Works the official manufacturer of Kalashnikovs needs advertising. 😉


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