Terrorist graveyard from Google Earth.

Google Earth image below is of a LTTE graveyard in the recently recaptured “town” of Mulankavil, in the Kilinochchi district of Northern Sri Lanka.

LTTE graveyard Mulankavil

The Defencenet blog has all the operational details. If you care to visit, you can get there through Wikimapia were its already marked on Wikimapia (for I take no credit that). Which is about the closest most of the blogosphere will get to the fighting. There is a similar site in eastern Sri Lanka near Thoppigala mountain – the last “stronghold” of the LTTE in that area to fall.

The ministry of defence has of photos of the site which have already been splattered around the web. The images of some of the grave markers show only one date – most likely the date of death. I have heard that not including the date of birth is a method used by the LTTE to conceal the graves of child soldiers. Can’t confirm this without more info. Or ascertain exactly who is buried at this location. Either way, poor souls. To be used by the LTTE’s death cult of ethnic purity -as cannon fodder in life and as propaganda in death.

Reminded me of the opinion of someone whose been in these parts – though long ago. It is also easy to get dangerously cocky with stories of the government’s military successes considering the nature of the LTTE. The setbacks of like Elephant pass – though militarily different, should be a cautionary reminder.


3 thoughts on “Terrorist graveyard from Google Earth.

  1. I’ve actually been to this place when it was during the ceasefire time. Very organised. When you really look at it, this is several thousands of Sri Lankans died for a pathetic cause. I hope the army will show it respect and not bulldoze over the graves similarly the LTTE should learn to respect the army’s dead.

    Its all people.


  2. realskullzero Thank you 🙂

    RineTotoally agree with you on that. Do you happen have pictures from your visit? or was it a strictly no photo location ?


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