Low-end mobile blogging

I have blogged about tips and benefits of mobile blogging. However my kind of mobile blogging is a very primitive by 21st century standards. It is not anywhere near what indi terms as “mobro” (mobile broadband) because my late dot com era PDA has no internet capability.

Such a low tech approach has its benefits. It eliminates ongoing costs of having to stay connected. I’m also immune to the Kafkaeque dysfunctionalities of Sri Lanka’s Telcom providers. I have heard enough horror stories to bother with enduring my own. The price of waiting till I get home to put up a blog post is more “profitable” than the costs and hassle of being chained to net enabled telephony services. Particularly when the whole blogging thing is a hobby. Not a money earner or a requirement of my job.

Perhaps mobile connectivity makes looking up things on the web more expensively efficient. I’m not inclined to shell out money to find out. The utility of low-end “mobile blogging” is not about connectivity – but niche productivity. Blogging on a PDA means having an editable writing tool at hand whenever I get a free moment. It forces me to break up bloging the writing and research into stages. Which in turn saves the writing process from the distraction of the net.

The editable factor is the key difference between using a PDA and good old paper. Yes you can “edit” on paper – but the whole process hinges on transcribing hand-written posts. A time consuming “unproductive” process – even if you got decent handwriting and/or time to mess with OCR software. I have neither. As a long time Palm user, my Graffiti speed is almost faster and far more legible than my handwritten blog posts.

With a newer PDA/mobile phone the seperation of the writing and research/editing stages will blur.
Each generation of lowend mobile phones will have some kind of notepad application. If you can peckout a post and put it on your blog from your portable device you would be a higher tech blogger than I am.


2 thoughts on “Low-end mobile blogging

  1. My phone has internet as well as blogging capabilities. I use neither. I feel everything has its time and place, and the place for blogging is from my laptop, and the time is when an idea takes me:)


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