Trincomalee Navy docks Google Earth

Sri Lanka’s Trincomalee Navy base (pictured below) saw its first air borne intruder since the Japanese air raid in 1940. Unloading home made bombs somewhere on this sprawling base from a slow flying air craft isn’t a feat of marksmanship. The hard part of course is to try and hit a small aircraft in the darkness without night vision gear. Details that will be ignored at the next terrorist fundraiser in Paris, London Oslo.

In the greater scheme of things, this “attack” only seems to underscore the futility of the LTTE’s racist delusions. Specially in the face of the current military situation. It is a fact of history that separatist groups trying to deploy conventional airpower have all failed in their ultimate objectives. Katanga and Biafra are the examples that come to mind. I suppose they’ll try something again. They have to – like a person with bad body odour trying anything to distract you from the smell.

This incident also show how much the situation has changed. From the time when quite a bit of eastern Sri Lanka was under terrorist control. Remember the days when the Navy was always in the news – battling away off the east coast? With the Sea Tigers seemingly involved in other things, the Sri Lanka Navy isn’t as frequently in the news these days. Seems a long way from the days of desperate battles off the North East coast. Or those dramatic interceptions of terrorist weapons ships. I guess this is an opportunity to get back into the news. And another reason not to get cocky from the triumphant news from the defence ministry.

For those who want to explore more, can visit the Trinco Navy dock via satellite mode on Google maps.

Trincomalee Navy Docks


6 thoughts on “Trincomalee Navy docks Google Earth

  1. Cerno mate, Takaran Airforce sortie over China Bay iz just for the ltte diaspora and to make the morons look good. Trinco has been ltte target since way back due to Logistics base for Jaffna ! Sinking SLN “Invincible” a good example !
    But, still SLDF should have damaged those darn tin cans …well…maybe the Army MBRL can take ’em out soon !

    Those pics ya have, are Dvora & Colombo class FAC’s anchored by the nets also the maintenance yard to the right of it ! Man, no wonder everyone covets this harbour huh ? Look at the mooring facilities and water depth.

    It’s hard to hit targets at China Bay cuz,due to the topography
    (hills) so like the japs either ya fly high and get whacked by AAA or fly low and blow !

    Aloha mate !


  2. actually i dont think ltte had any interest in any facs or ships here. like rajaraja says its hard to hit targets in china bay. they were always interested in making the maximum no of kills for propaganda proposes and reassuring the diaspora. their target was always the sailors’ lodgings and that’s exactly what they hit. 10 sailors died.


  3. rajarata: Thank you for the info 😀

    nuwan Quite a valid point. The people funding the terrorist must be quite naive or brainwashed or something else to hang on to such faint hopes.


    1. Are you looking for the Samson family who lived down St Mary’s street, Trincomalee,
      Alfred, Walter, Arthur, Reggie & sisters etc. If yes, I can help with add info.


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