Glass half full or half empty?

Glass is larger than it needs to be. That’s my response to silly rhetorical questions. Can anyone REALLY tell if water in an unmarked container occupies exactly 50% of the container’s volume? How accurate is the measurement? “Rough” estimates are copouts and victims of optical illusions. Its all a matter of scale and accuracy.

There’s no time for dithering either. Fact is that due to evaporation the water level is constantly lowering unless precautions are taken (rhetorical questions seem to skimp on such details). A pessimist might say that given time the glass will inevitably become empty. To which an optimist might retort that the glass is NOT half empty.

Both points of view are ignoring the bigger picture. The glass might be knocked over or someone might refill it or whatever else might happen. The only definite thing is that the water level will change. We live in an inter-linked complexity where nothing exists in isolation to everyone else. Even if the significance of certain connections don’t seem that powerful.

In the greater scheme of things it is delusional to perceive the glass as either half full or half empty.Β  Just make your peace with the state of things at this moment – and in the change to come. Whatever it might be.

Howzat for something different?


8 thoughts on “Glass half full or half empty?

  1. Hello Cerno,

    This rhetoric question in specific I think applies to different people differently, thus in essence is truly rhetoric. Most rhetoric questions affirm a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but this question does not affirm anything.

    Thus with your answer “Larger than it needs to be”, it is proof that you don’t stick by others comparisons. You feel, that any situation gets dealt with an unfair state of options. Do excuse me for the psycho analysis, but the question did fulfill its purpose…


  2. eukaryote πŸ˜€ I think that’s a very eye opening take on the answer. πŸ™‚ Glad you commented. I think you are right about my take on it. I do tend to regard rhetorical questions as unfair – if not suspiciously πŸ˜‰

    kalusudda: Scientifically meticulous as ever πŸ˜€

    Actually I picked up the “larger than it needs to be” response from a list of “engineer” jokes. Cann’t remember the original one.


  3. The question seeks to find out weather one is an Opptimist or a Pessimist right? Is there a third possibility? Example: My answer to the question is ‘There isn’t enough data given for me to formulate a correct answer.’
    A) Was the glass filled and then poured half out? In this case the glass is half empty.
    B) Was the glass empty and then half filled? Making the glass half full.
    Does that make me a Pragmatist?


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