The following Colombo based bloggers have signed up for (according to their comments on my blog posts).

  1. The Whackster,
  2. Soixante Neuf
  3. David Blacker
  4. St.Fallen
  5. pissu perera
  6. sach
  7. gutterflower
  8. Dili
  9. Dominic
  10. DeeCee (who I think signed up)

Not sure if themissingsandwich signed up. Yet has yet to materialise. Which makes me think that doesn’t build a city in a day via an automated process. Perhaps they are waiting for one more blogger.

I’m sceptical as to whether a human has to set it up. Or that it is still the weekend in the U.S has anything to do with the lack of a response. it is not clear in their skeletal FAQ as to what happens next  after you sign up. Makes for an infuriating state of affairs. Specially if your enthusiasm is fired up. The lack of a what happens next response easily leads to some Colombo style speculation.

Is Bode media’s IT systems running at pace that makes the Colombo Municiple Council look like a speeding rabbit? Are they not interested in 3rd worlders? Worse, has the company gone belly up and the whole thing running on auto pilot like a ghost ship? Essentially – What’s going on?

The only way to sort it out is for everyone to fire them an email. A barrage on the same topic should wake them up. Feel free to mention my blog posts on the topic if you want.

Vut tu du ?

Check your email to see if they sent any “confirmation” email things. The next step is some email shelling. has an online contact form (same one used by bode media) which has something about a waiting period as they wade through a supposed deluge of email. We could also ask the neighbours as to what’s going on. But that can wait. We Sri Lankans can wait patiently. Only volcanos Earthquakes, and planet destroying asteroids can fully appreciate such patience.

If this turns out to be a bit flop I accept all the blame for drumming up all this fuss. And for the waste to people time. Not that I want to be pessimistic up front. I guess the ball is in Bode media inc’s court.


9 thoughts on “ update

  1. Hi There-

    Nothing is automated in the city creation process, it’s all by hand and all based on interest from people in new cities. Have you read this:

    When you do you’ll see that new cities first need active groups on the hub, and as you can see here:

    No one has created a Colombo group, so as far as we know one is interested in writing for or reading metblog there. You need to create a group that potential readers and writers sign up for and once we see the activity we can take the next steps in setting up a city blog.


  2. I checked out and yes Colombo group is not created yet. Please note that you need to re-register at so I expect someone from Colombo to create the group!


  3. hey, any idea what’s happening here? i didn’t have time to check anything and just remembered signing up for this, not the sign of a dedicated metblogger. sigh


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