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Sean Bonner co-founder of the Bode Media Inc (the people behind metblogs) posted a very helpful comment with some useful links. The short answer it that getting Colombo up and running is a two stage process. For your convenience here is the full text (the long answer):

Nothing is automated in the city creation process, it’s all by hand and all based on interest from people in new cities. Have you read this:

When you do you’ll see that new cities first need active groups on the hub, and as you can see here:

No one has created a Colombo group, so as far as we know one is interested in writing for or reading metblog there. You need to create a group that potential readers and writers sign up for and once we see the activity we can take the next steps in setting up a city blog.

I also discovered the metblogs wiki (Essentially an extended FAQ). had I been less sloppy I guess i could have found it earlier.

My fault. I apologise for the hassle. 😦

What is clear is that they do demand have a reasonably high standard of writing – as spelt out in the Metblogs Style Guide which also gives a good idea of the “commitment” involved. I have to admit it is a bit out of my league even if I had the time.

So here is the process as I understand it:

  1. Head over to and sign up as a regular “user”.
  2. Once you are signed up, you’ll have to join in with a bunch of other Colombo bloggers and form a “group
  3. If there’s a significant amount of activity around a “group” formed about Colombo the powers that be will create a city.

Which seems a fair process by me if they are keen to keep the quality of the writing at a reasonably high quality.

I’m quite sure that there are talents in the Sri Lankan blogosphere who can put Colombo on this map. And get a chance to strut their stuff on wider global stage.

Hope there will be takers on this opportunity.


2 thoughts on “ responds helpfully

  1. Nishadha There are some restrictions than with Kottu. And they have content/stylistic guidelines. Also it looks like you don’t actually get your own blog – you get a sort of “author” access to someone else’s system. Where as is a more open blog aggregator.

    They restrictions are partly to do with I think a desire to keep a certain level of content quality. Which makes the whole thing about setting up a city involve a lot of hard work.

    In any-case Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂


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