Do you have the attitude for this job?

Convoy of fermented grapefruit merchants and organic Jute resellers travelling the barren wastes require a versatile individual to fill the position of industrial strength optimist.

The ideal candidate should have a sense of humour and a positive attitude.

Applicants with a funny bone certified by the ministry of health will receive a higher preference. A knowledge of the fermented grapefruit & the organic Jute resale business models is preferred but not essential. 

Primary duties include

  • Provide a humorous counter point during dire (seemingly Apocalyptic) situations.
  • Problem solve and mediate disputes with humour to architect positive organisational & person centric outcomes.
  • Maintain a humorous atmosphere centred around the mutually beneficial aspects of the collaboration between the fermented grapefruit and the organic Jute resale business models.
  • Contributing to, managing, repairing and re-engineering the expedition’s stock of puns. 
  • Sing or play humorous/uplifting music when require using the expedition’s tambourine.
  • Defend expedition in the event of an attack by bandits (Candidate must show proof of proficiency with using assault rifles).

Other duties may include

  • Slaughtering pack animals for food (should we run out of supplies – which has not happened yet)
  • Hunting wild animals for same after pack animals have been eaten
  • Leading sing alongs while awaiting rescue once food supplies have run out (though this sort of thing has never happened before).

(Vegans & Vegetarians need not apply as you all taste funny).


  • Adventure of a life time
  • Food, lodging, personal side arm, and tambourine will be supplied
  • Salary & journey completion fee on return
  • Discounts (negotiable) on all fermented grapefruit/organic jute purchases for 3 years
Sorry had to get this out of my head or I would have accidentally let it slip at some social event and people would think I am strange. Vut tu du no? 😐

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