Sri Lanka’s funniest commercial graphic design contest 2008

Nominations for the most hilarious piece of graphic design in Sri Lanka 2008 are now open. If you spot a funny piece of signage/ graphic design snap a picture of it an put it on the web and let me know about.

The following rules apply:

  1. The “funny” element must be unintentional
  2. It must belong to a real organisation and/or commercial entity
  3. You cannot alter the content of the sign in anyway (no digital image manipulation etc). Cropping via camera positioning is permitted as along as you also show a full picture of the sign.
  4. Signs in high security areas are not accepted as this might get the photographer into trouble with the authorities Watch it out there
  5. The sign can be incomplete (as in under construction). Many thanks RD for that 🙂

Last year’s winner, the Casserole restaurant sign in Mt.Lavania (pictured below) raised the standards to a very high level. This year’s winning entry will have to beat that in order to get the prize.
Funniest sign in Colombo


9 thoughts on “Sri Lanka’s funniest commercial graphic design contest 2008

  1. Hey where are my Less beings! (did not mean any harm to real lesbians, I love every ones right but I meant the beings who disappeared! {man I can’t express my self})


  2. Damn, I wish I had been back in SL, I would’ve submitted some seriously funny ‘sigh’ boards for your perusal! There was this one place that had the menu painted on the wall, advertising such delectables as ‘Frounce’ ‘Bistake’ ‘Fis Bistake’ and numerous others. I went there especially for the reading goodness.


  3. RD: 🙂 I think you suggestion was good as any. No idea why I left that one hanging

    kalusudda: Too much mountain air ?

    Lance Muller: Put up any that you have and send me a link 🙂 The photos’ don’t have to be taken this year. I never figured out what Bistake is 😉


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