Drumming video

Thought the official drummer of the Sri Lankan blogosphere in particular might have a chuckle over this one, I am curious about the quality of drumming on this video. 😉 The comment box await your critiques.



7 thoughts on “Drumming video

  1. Cerno, I’m honoured to be called the official drummer of the SL blogosphere, or even the offical one. The advert was quite big over here a little while ago so I’m no stranger to it. However, your post has reminded me of a studio encounter I actually did have with a drumming gorilla. I’ll write it up in a post of my own soon.


  2. Dominic: hehe 😀 though I doubt he’ll be worried.

    RD: but I always thought you’ve been the official drummer of the SL blogosphere 😮 🙂 Can’t think of a better person. Looking forward to your own gorilla encounter.

    Vindi: I am as mystified as you are. Maybe that’s the catch. Make people watch the ad in the futile hope of understanding what it means. And there by draw attention to the product. I never did like that Cadbury stuff anyway. The guy in the gorilla suit made no difference.


  3. Vindi – I would expect the DDs and Blackers of the world can shed more light on the matter but I can tell you this much. When the ad came out here in the UK the guys in my covers band, all of whom are in advertising, were raving about it and saying how “revolutionary” it was. They said it was because it was the first ad they knew that had NO connection between the product being advertised and the content of the ad itself.

    I think that is the point of it. In the UK, if you mention a drumming Gorilla to most people and ask what it means to them they’d probably say “the Cadburys ad”. All sorts of people were talking, and still are (just look at us) about the advert and thereby spreading the Cadburys word.


  4. RD: Hoping the good old social media band wagon 🙂 Neat idea but it is surprising that a brand as big as Cadburys (an multiple kilo tone gorilla?) needs feels it needs to be talked about. Such are the mysteries of adversing 😉


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