Polling time – cast your vote here

WordPress.com has introduced online polling widget called Polldaddy (there’s a handy overview about it at netty Gritty’s). Thought I’ll use it to get some input from the YOU – yes YOU staring at the screen. Hopefully it might give me some 3rd part insight into my blog as well as having something different to write about.

Don’t worry you won’t need to give personally identifiable info that could be used be the ministry of cultural hygine to hound you down. Also rest assured that there won’t be any traditional Sri Lankan style polling violence. As for repeat voting – well I’ll leave that to you to avoid 🙂

Question 5:

Name your favourite post & least favourite posts in the comment box below. (Feel free to link to them as well)

Question 6:

The best & worst aspects of this blog


24 thoughts on “Polling time – cast your vote here

  1. well i like your tuk tuk pics and posts. and your general posts. ‘sunday lunch /mortality’ that was a good one! especially that talking tree man. cant say your google earth stuff cathches my eye that much though. but then again thats prob just me. ciao


  2. I like your travel/road trip posts, the one about you at a high profile political party where you talk about the inner workings of that part of society, and the ones about air conditioning. (social status). I do read all your posts. Very interesting blog.


  3. first time I came here following one of your Google maps and then found that I like 99% of what you post. I leave th other 1% for the unknowns. You change your track so often and fast there is no time to get bored. I love your posts about swastikas on trishows to rest house food for vegetarians. But the lesbian kisses even brought some traffic to my site, just by linking to your post about the billboard.
    Most you write so well that I spend a lot of time here, as much as I spend reading about RD’s gas emissions.
    Thank you for the feed!


  4. The Whackster 😀 thank you for that.

    captainM: Quite heartening to hear that. Hope my bumpy spelling/typos aren’t too much of a problem.

    kalusudda: Happy that you got some traffic 😀 Appreciate your visits and commenting very much.


  5. My fave has to be the lesbian billboard one. It made me laugh. Followed by the street racing one which originally bought me here and used up a lotta my time commenting on. 🙂
    Least has to be the stuff like the so many posts yet none ready to go one. Thats sorta like a quota fill rather than a “I have something to say”.


  6. Ah yes promises promises 😉 that particular topic requires quite a bit of emotional energy than what I got right now. But will toil on it bit by bit.


  7. Cerno,

    Wish I had 50% of your tenacity to keep on blogging. However, your blog rockz. I’m not a regular blogger anymore, but hell yeah I read your blog regularly. Keep up the good work pal.


  8. I cant say a “fave” post cos pretty much every post u do write makes me want to have half your talents 🙂 If i had to pick a fave, id say the ones with the Culture, Life tags..

    worst aspects? what worst aspects?


  9. i wish i could blog as well as you do. you have wonderfully rounded approach to formulating opinions and pick fairly esoteric topics. i love the google earth blogs and share this passion with you.

    couple of critiques (in the belief that you may want to hear something to improve on):
    1.layout is a bit busy on the home page
    2.sometimes find it hard to see the comments


  10. maf: Thank you 🙂

    Was getting a bit desperate for feed back about the layout. The layout does need to be changed – its just I’ve been feeling lost as to how the readers for this blog would find it easier to navigate.

    When you meant “find it hard to see the comments” do you mean that the comment don’t appear when you click on them, or its hard to see the latest comments?


  11. I went to one of your previous blogs (i can’t remember which one) and was looking for the comments and they did not appear. i then went back to the home page and clicked on the comments in the right column and clicked thru. this may have been an intermittent issue but i thought it was a little annoying

    re layout: personally i love clean layouts with lots of white space and clicking thru. a blog i read religiously is http://gigaom.com/ and love his simple layout.


  12. maf: hmm 😐 didn’t have another blog in the past. Just a different layout. Which wasn’t the best. Is that same thing happening with this layout? It could also be a wordpress.com thing. I’d like to sort it out as well.

    Greatly appreciate you taking the time to let me know 🙂

    Have to admit gigaom.com does has a heap of adds that crowd into its white space. The free blogs in wordpress.com doesn’t let you chance the layout very much but I’ll play around with the things that display on the side cols.


  13. Netty Gritty: My pleasure 🙂 Thank YOU for that post. I wouldn’t have got a good understanding on how to add the polls to my blog if it wasn’t your post.


  14. I was searching google images for poster pictures when I found your site. Also read your blog on tuition. If anyone is interested, I just got an email about a conference on English tuition to be held by SLELTA. High time!


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