3D buildings Google Earth Colombo

3D models of Colombo’s cylindrical Bank of Ceylon, and the World Trade Center (Colombo) towers are available for Google Earth. Not sure what the rectangular building is. Thought it was the Galadari but I’m not so sure now. The image below shows the models within Google Earth running on Mac OS X 10.5.5.  You can download the models from the World Trade Center,Colombo,Sri Lanka Google 3D Warehouse page. Certainly makes this less flatter.

Google Earth 3D building Colombo Sri Lanka

All possible due to the efforts of Nutescu Ciprian who seems to be prolific 3D modeller.

Those with the luxery of time can start on their own contributions with Google Sketchup.


2 thoughts on “3D buildings Google Earth Colombo

  1. uhu: Certainly is cool 🙂 Not sure if the lack of info has much to do security. Its just Google being economical. You can get much crisper realtime info for a few thousand $s


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