Wimal & Karuna – how do they communicate?

When former LTTE commander Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan (aka Karuna Amman) met National Freedom Front (NFF) leader Wimal Weerawansa – what language did they use to communicate? I doubt if Mr Weerawansa speaks fluent Tamil. The same might be said for Mr.Muralitharan’s Sinhala. English? or did they use interpreters? In which case, what languages did the interpreter(s) use? Tamil > Sinhala /Sinhala to Tamil ? Or Tamil > English & Sinhala > English?

As language is a significant component in the roots of Sri Lanka’s war, the protocols of communication that these players used has potential for some interesting symbolism. For those with more information the comment box awaits.


10 thoughts on “Wimal & Karuna – how do they communicate?

  1. not that I have ‘info’ but isn’t it common to find that Tamil people can speak Sinhalese. And specially, if you are a Tamil in the East -unlike in the North – since there are lots of Sinhalese also around, chances are that most Tamils in the East speak Sinhalese also. ?


  2. Wimal & Karuna – how do they communicate?


    First Wimal stands facing a wall with his pants down and Karuna does him. Next Karuna stands facing the same wall and Wimal takes his turn.

    Message is passed. No language necessary.


  3. uhu: Could be. Thank you for that input. Better explanation that I can think of 😀

    Chandima: 😆 sounds like a very give and take sort of relationship 😉

    Buddi: Interesting – like to hear the details on that

    nuwan: So VP is a multiligualist at heart?


  4. heh no man i meant vp values any underhand talents in his subordinates. if it means being multilingual or even having no qualms about killing children


  5. As for the commuting part, thats why they’re closing the roads from Col 3 all the way to Parliament. As opposed to just closing the darn Parliament road. Don’t you just love SL?


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