Word ambush casualty report

Rained words more fiercely than usual during the morning’s commute. Detail loaded sentences pounding away. In the middle of all this my PDA battery is low. And my pen is running out of ink half way through the second note book page.

So I sat there as the locust cloud of words tried to bury me with incomprehendable paragraphs. All I could do was to let it all wash over. Managed to crawl into office. Turn on the machine and seek shelter with the beasts of the inbox. May be on the way home, I’ll pickup a few fallen phrases to cook into a post. 

What scared me was how dibilitating it is not to jot down words when they jump you. While other people have the peace of mind stare out the window or flip through a newspaper. Next time I will be ready with a charged PDA and loaded pen.

If there is a next time that is.

Does this kind of thing happen to you?


9 thoughts on “Word ambush casualty report

  1. I try to remember too- but sometimes a good sentence just creeps out from nowhere and you just HAVE to write it down. I find spare pens and paper in every handbag helps, but you should probably spare yourself the embarrassment of a manbag 😛


  2. Hmmm…I try to get it down on paper or on my blog asap, just to have a record or a draft to edit in the future. It’s normally the content that I have to keep a note of and the specific words come when I actually write the post. Then again my “writing” isn’t poetic and pleasant like so many so it’s bound to be easier for me.


  3. yeah that happens to me all the time. something will set off a spark and i’ll have nothing to write it down on. sometimes ill save an abbreviated version as a text msg. lol


  4. Now I am not ashamed to say I have two digital scrolls, one at home and the other at the office (Campus). They are regular blackboard / white board type you find in university walls. But good thing about these 2 meter scrolls are that they digitize what you write.
    Unlike RD’s Dinidu’s and Cerno’s in this world, words fail me most of the time. But strange formulae rushes through my veins originating from, I think, my brain to my fingers. I have to write these down as they have been formulating, incubating for a while at the origin rush out and will be lost. Yes that sometime happen in the middle of a climb too! I carry a slate or good old paper note book with me 99% of the time. ( I can’t voice record these, has to be written)
    But a fast rolling scroll does wonders!


  5. The curses of the subconscious mind’s ever grinding gears. If i was to jump around in frustration for all the times it happened, id be bouncing around like in a Super Mario game 😛


  6. chaarmax: I know the feeling. At least you got some memory 😉 I got the retention capability of a gold fish. Unless the information is utterly useless.

    Vindi:Aha! someone who practices the benefits of back up systems. An extra pen won’t hurt.

    RD: Focus on the specific words – that’s a good idea. Can’t blog at work – I have been maintaining a strict no blog at work policy (to quite a bit of success). That way I’ll get work done at work 😉 and scamper home at a civilised hour.

    T : Text msgs! Another good idea. Will mix it with RD’s idea and text in the key words of the idea. Brilliant! Definitely helps to use other people’s brains. 😈

    kalusudda: Two scroll! you must be living in an uber geek paradise. Formulas? hmm sounds like a blog post brewing for you.

    Dili: O joy you mean it gets worse? I guess the key is to chill and relax.


  7. i used to jot it down somewhere, anywhere..on my hand, in the phone etc. but i realised that sometimes you lose the moment when that happens..so now i just enjoy the present and more often than not, if i do end up writing about it, it’s still crystal clear in my head.


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