Photographs from terrrorist held territory

LTTE fighters on a captured tank. Numerous propaganda type shots of SeaTiger boats. Crude looking LTTE monuments, ruined buildings, deserted roads, teaming fishing harbours and idyllic beaches. Scattered among these wrecks of supposedly military vehicles and a picture from what seems to be the LTTE side of the Muhamalai forward defence lines. Random shots of a world we rarely see. Most of them cryptically titled with bad spelling. 

I found them linked from Google Earth – all pointing to a Panoramio site of someone called “poddu” where they are displayed. The site is splattered with comment skirmishes in the usual school boy name calling style. I get the feeling that these pictures were not taken yesterday even though most of them were uploaded this year. Anyway, enjoy and have a safe weekend. There is after all a war out there.


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