What’s your favourite view in your home town?

Mine’s the view facing east towards Havlock Road down Lester James Peris Mawatha (formerly Dickman’s Road). Seen from the Duplication Road traffic lights. You can view the location on Google Earth until I lug a camera that way. Which won’t be anytime soon. I no longer go that way these days. Even when I did, there was no time to loiter. The only decent spot to fully comprehend let alone enjoy this view is from the middle of the road. Preferably from the relative safety of a charriot snared by a red light. 

At first glance it looks like just another chaotic street in a third world city. Untill you notice white and gold spire of the Isipatanaramaya stupa rising above the chaoas. It floats above the grubby roof tops and tree tops like a profound thought. During late afternoons the white lower stem glows in the ripe mango orange light of the Colombo sunset. Its pinnacle is transformed into gold. There’s a serenity in this sight that elvates you above the everyday madness. Untill you are brought down to “reality” by the impatient honks of the savage behind you. The light has turned yellow and it is time to go.

I thought a quick paragraph could explain why this view (glimpse) is my favorite in all of Colombo. But words fail me. A clear sign that certain mysteries should be savoured without rudly demanding explanations.

Enough about me – what is YOUR favourite view in your home town ?


6 thoughts on “What’s your favourite view in your home town?

  1. nice post mate. well my home town is Kadugannawa. If you’ve been there, you’d know there are so many beautiful vistas around that area.

    The house I grew up in is located on the hill onto your left if your are entering Kadugannawa from Colombo side. We could actually see the vista through the Kadugannawa gap (kapolla) and it is amazingly beautiful in the afternoon when the sun is setting. You also see the Balun-gala mountain on the opposite side and the the last rays of the sun hits the ‘gala’. and there are hundreds of parrots that come flying to their night roosts on the Captain Dawson tower. After the sun has set, there is this cool mountain breeze flowing through, god its amazing.


  2. On the way to my place theres this little stretch of about 1/3km that just opens out into row after row of paddy fields. Its so abrupt, its weird. Its like some giant forgot to put his last lego block in place when on either side its all houses and buildings…. anyway..

    If you pass by at the right time, around 5,6 in the evening, when the sun is just about to set, with the golden yellow light flooding all over the green green paddy fields, and theres this lone small tree in the middle, and when the sun just starts shiniing through the branches….. its this absolutely gorgeous scene…. makes you appreciate the little things in life more…

    But you’re right Cerno, cant do it on 1 para.. 😦


  3. nuwan: Thank you 🙂 but I guess there’s nothing in Colombo that can beat the view from your place 🙂

    Dili: And where abouts is that? There’s definitely a blog post topic here! HINT HINT


  4. I guess it’s not my home town technically but I’ll claim it anyway!

    The view from the Galle Face Hotel looking out to sea always takes my breath away. It’s not just a visual thing either. It’s the feel of the saltiness in the air, the (almost) ever present ships queuing on the horizon and the murmur of background noise. I love it and have spent so many great hours there.


  5. I have to agree with RD on the view of Galle Face Hotel, from the corridor looking out to the terrace and then the sea. If there ever was a prefect view that would be it. But I suppose in terms of current town- probably the view of the town from the West Sands beach in St. Andrews- simply beautiful! 🙂


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