LTTE shipwreck Mullativu Sri Lanka

Image below of shipwreck visible from Google Earth. It is located  off Mullativu Sri Lanka. According to a confusing post on Wikipedia, this ship is an LTTE freighter destroyed by the SLAF. The site I mentioned last week has more images of it. Consider it a literal accompaniment to the metaphorical LTTE shipwreck.

Google Earth screen shot of a wrecked LTTE ship off Mullativu, Sri Lanka
Google Earth screen shot of a wrecked LTTE ship off Mullativu, Sri Lanka

This is not the only shipwreck visible on from Google Earth along Sri Lanka’s coast line. This 2006 era image of Kankesanturai harbour shows a capsized ship and possible one other sunken ship.

Capsized ship, Kankesanturai Harbour, Sri Lanka
Capsized ship, Kankesanturai Harbour, Sri Lanka

The point of all this? That it has been a long war. Easy to forget that no? Not too long ago, the recent achievements for the SL military would have been unthinkable. The hard part will always be what happen when the fighting stops. Form many that’s where they may have to consider the thinks that were once considered unthinkable. Like a Sri Lanka where ethnicity doesn’t dictate where you can go or live. Gone on be cynical. I won’t this once.

This post nearly went to rant mode about the failing and tragedies of politicians past. But thankfully the backspace key prevented me from wasting your time and mine.


10 thoughts on “LTTE shipwreck Mullativu Sri Lanka

  1. Cernomate, the top wreck, the Jordanian rice carrier that lost engine power & was subsequintly looted by the seatigers.
    Bottom wreck, a casualty of 2005 boxing day tsunami that hit the KKS Harbour which capsized as the water came over the breakwater.But, SLN doesnt have heavy dredging equipment up there or the $..not yet.Cuz, SLDF have more pressing matters & need to focus resources elsewhere. See if ya can find the wreck of another seatiger casualty near Mulaitivu mate !
    See ya Later mate !


  2. Yeah and the worse part is that there are still people living with extreme genetic disorders in mountainous parts of Vietnam. pretty hoorrible of you check some pics out on flikr.

    will chek that book out 🙂 cheers mate


  3. Yeah Cerno mate,Tsunami December 26th 2005 right bro ?
    That’s why it’s refered to as the Boxing day tsunami.

    But, that wreck off Mullaitivu, there’s 2 one Jordanian & Lanka cargo heading for Kanka.The one ya have is the old wreck not the Jordanian one! Sorry !


  4. Rajarata um looks like the year got mixed up a bit 😐 happens to me all the time 🙂 Boxing day tsunami occurred in 2004. Hard to image it has been such a long time.

    Thanks for the mention about the 2 wrecks. Will keep an eye out for the Jordanian ship. If it is sticking out of the water.


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