Popular blog killed – austre times ahead

Pleasure principle, arguably the Sri Lankan blogosphere’s most popular blog has been deleted by its author Soixante Neuf. Yes old news but high time for a memorial before memory evaporates. Perhaps hope springs eternal. Specially among the sad souls poking Google cache or archive.org

Before its demise, the blog occupied practically all the coveted “most popular this month” spots on kottu.org — the blog aggregator that essentially defines the Sri Lankan blogosphere. Among the many things it stimulated, were discussions rarely seen among Sri Lankans in public.

In line with the global economy, the Sri Lankan blogosphere is now an austere place with pleasure principle’s passing. All things are fleeting. No doubt the austerity to will be fleeting to. Till then its just more war, politics, ad sense and Google earth. VTDN?

So what exactly was the please principle about? The official drummer of the Sri Lankan blogosphere describes the pleasure principle blog and its content in better than I ever could.

Post Script:

Auburn Enigma has post with more info.


9 thoughts on “Popular blog killed – austre times ahead

  1. Cerno,
    Thanks for the post, it’s been the most flattering one yet 🙂 I’m glad you and some others took my blog for what it really was instead of dismissing it as an ‘overglamourization of sex’ and what not.

    I really miss it. Who knows. Maybe I’ll be back some day.

    Thanks again. It was fantastic while it lasted.



  2. Soixante: 🙂 It needs to be side that you pulled off something that is very hard to do with writing on the internet. I actually never thought it was possible to write about sex like that. Not that I tried 😉

    I hope you do get back online. Any reasons for the retreat?


  3. Yeah I do have my reasons but I can’t really talk about them right now.

    It’s a nice thought: that my blog’s brief existence – along with raising a few eyebrows – opened people’s minds a little.

    Deleting the blog was a really difficult decision to make. I felt like everything that went into writing each post was sort of deleted along with it. Oh well. Such is life.

    Thanks again for this post, it was really special 🙂



  4. Soixante: Glad you like my humble post. Hope you backed up your blog on your computer. Even if you did, you got the talent keep on writing. All the best with life after blogging 😀 . And do pop around to the sedate old world of the SL blogosphere when you get a chance 😉


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